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Karina Linda MacGill is a comic artist and art teacher from Budapest, Hungary.

Personal lifeEdit

Karina was born and raised in Budapest, where she resides to the present day.


She is an impassioned costume designer, who also engages in LARP activities when she gets the chance. She has created numerous fantasy-themed costumes, and even made original designs based on garments from major franchises such as Game of Thrones and Star Wars.

Some of her favorite movies include The Fifth Element, Cloud Atlas, K-PAX, The Prestige, and Fight Club. Her favorite musical artists include Gorillaz, Amanda Palmer, Wood Kid, Daft Punk, and Imagine Dragons. Her favorite writers include J.R.R Tolkien and John Soul. Her favorite games include Dungeons & Dragons and The Sims 2.[1]


Karina's education background is in traditional graphics and 2D animation.


When not doing comic art and costume design for fun or profit, Karina spends much of her remaining time working as an art teacher in her area near Budapest.

Dozerfleet involvementEdit

On April 18th of 2015, Karina submitted "Home Sweet Home" to her DeviantArt traditional arts gallery folder. This was done on behalf of Emily Barnes and the Two Jens author Chad Patterson, whom she stated paid her "quite nicely" for the sketch.[2] The sketch quickly rose in popularity, gaining over 2,500 views in a span of two years and being favorited 32 times on DeviantArt.

As research was being done for Sodality: Vindication, the Dozerfleet founder stumbled upon the sketch and noticed a connection between this and the work of Irina Anghel. It was discovered that this was not the first illustration Karina had made for The Tale of Emily Barnes and the Two Jens. An earlier sketch, "Along the Rails," had been submitted on February 22nd of 2014. This became the first known time that Emily Barnes was mentioned by-name in a variation of the Prodigalverse.

From there, various other artists (including Shases got on board with Chad's vision. Shases' more humorous interpretations of events in that world became the basis for the Camelorum Adventures adaptation taking on a comedic slapstick bent, instead of the more serious bent in Irina and Karina's initial illustrations.

Characters co-createdEdit

Karina's artwork helped found the basis of several key characters in Dromedeverse lore:

A colored-in, Camelorum-re-themed version of "Home Sweet Home" was also originally planned to be used in a GirlsAskGuys take about the various institutions in Dromedary Heights. The take was done in the style of a similar one by user Ginnyweasley97, about various institutions in the Harry Potter universe.

See alsoEdit


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