"Kaleidangel" is the ninth song off the Every Ape and His Brother album Poss Window. It is an Americanization of "Maselang Bahaghari" by the Filipono band Eraserheads. This version was drafted on February 7th of 2013, based on a YouTube video of "Maselang Baghari" that appeared on Facebook around that time.


Kaleidangel, much like the song it is based on, describes a man developing a crush for his woman that results in sensory overload. He begins to question assumptions about life that he'd held prior to the crush in question.


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First verseEdit

If there's treasure in the sea;
Then I simply can't perceive!

How it, measures what I see;
Your eyes, gazed at me!

Kaleidoscope in my mind;
So much I'm hitting rewind!

Refreshing like the day mist;
What else have I've missed?

First chorusEdit

I thought I had it all and;
I stood up really tall then...

I met you...the real deal;
And it changed the way that I feel!

And your love talked sense to me;
All the possibility!

You've shattered my paradigm;
You angelic lady!

Second verseEdit

So much for being always right;
You breathe new day into my night!

And you're the one I wanna please;
You've won me with ease!

Kaleidoscope in my mind;
So much I have yet to find!

Refreshing like the day mist;
A shame what I've missed!

Second chorusEdit

Now I still don't have it all but;
With you I do stand tall so!

In spite of all frustration;
You'll guide my destination!

By now I do adore you;
My hand reaches out for you!

And we may yet see this one through;
My angelic lady!


And I can see that;
You long to cure what;
Makes both our lives flat!

Kaleidoscope in my mind;
The troubles I leave behind!

You have shown me what love can be;
My angelic lady!

Lyrics © 2013 Dozerfleet Records.

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