Jonathan "Johnny" Ovalt is a supporting character in the canceled series pitch Kozerlen. He was originally going to be played by Zach Foster, who later took on the roles of Mark and Aaron Stefflin in Blood Over Water.

Character bioEdit

Johnny was to be depicted as a charming online gambling addict, one who seems intent on sharing advice with Jessie now and then. He has a casual demeanor that makes him hard for Jessie to resist; though she refuses his advances because she doesn't want to believe her husband is truly dead yet.

There were some speculations that Johnny may just know more about Kozerlen than he's letting on, but those angles didn't get a chance to be explored before the series was canceled.


Just as Larry Wallace was designed as a character for Chris Wilson to play a role in, Johnny Ovalt was designed so that Cassie could interact with Zach. When the class ultimately went with Blood Over Water rather than Kozerlen for a production pitch, Zach got the lead role. This left his character of Johnny with nowhere to go.

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