Jessica Levens is a minor character in The Gerosha Chronicles of Dozerfleet Comics. She was the sister of Denny Levens, sister-in-law of Candi Levens, and daughter of Eric and Patti Levens. Her existence is only implied in Ciem, though it was to be made explicit in Ciem: Vigilante Centipede.

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Ciem: Vigilante CentipedeEdit

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Jessie was to be introduced as walking into Denny's house after opening the front door with her own key. She walks in on Candi and Denny as they are having sex in the living room, since Denny forgot that he had invited Jessie over. After Candi and Denny get dressed and get over the initial awkwardness, Jessie becomes supportive of them. She encourages them to consider getting married. After Denny's death, she becomes one of Candi's few friends in the world.

Ciem: Nuclear CrisisEdit

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Candi visits the Levens home briefly towards the beginning of this story, as they're discussing her upcoming wedding to Donte. Jessie is doing dishes while Patti goes over things with Candi. Eric is in the other room, having mixed feelings about everything.

Ciem: CondemnationEdit

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Upon learning of Candi's capture by Lloyd Kolumn, Jessie shows some level of concern. However, she is never shown actively doing anything beyond that point. What becomes of Jessie after this scene is unknown.


Jessie is usually shown to be bubbly in personality, if not oblivious to most things around her. In spite this, she is cheerful and loving. But inexplicably, she lives with her parents and has a hard time finding a job. She doesn't seem able to find a lover either.


In the development process for Ciem, on nagging question bothered the Dozerfleet founder repeatedly: Where is Denny's family? Plans for Ciem: Vigilante Centipede were to develop a subplot of sorts to introduce them, as well as give them a small role in Candi's life both before she married Denny as well as after his death. Jessie was seen as the sympathetic Levens member, letting Candi know that she was at least somewhat welcome into Denny's family even if Eric didn't approve of her and Denny's marriage. When Denny was written out of existence in Cataclysmic Gerosha, his entire family save for Candi went with. Therefore, there is no Earth-G7 version of Jessie.

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