"Jerry the Psycho Reindeer" is a song from the Every Ape and His Brother collection The Chicken of the Opera. It is a parody of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer."


The theme of the Chicken album is that folk tunes, classic rock, and holiday favorites are "butchered," namely, their tunes are put to more bizarre and/or gruesome lyrics than what the original performers would have wished. "Jerry" aids in this by featuring a reindeer retaliating against his persecutors by means of a bloody massacre. This is a reversal of Rudolph causing his enemies to like him by proving himself true.

The song was created during a moment of boredom, and is a parody of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." Jerry is portrayed as being a paranoid schizophrenic reindeer who has reason to believe that not all the persecution he faces is just an illusion. After years of abuse from the other reindeer and death threats both real and imaginary, Jerry one day decides he's finally had enough. Learning how to fire a machine gun, he begins a mass genocide of his own kind and inflicts his revenge on the holidays.


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"Jerry the Psycho Reindeer"

Jerry the Psycho Reindeer / Always had a bloody nose! /
Got dead rats in his mailbox! /
Followed everywhere he goes! /

All of them gangster reindeer! /
Pounced on him and called him James! /

They always beat poor Jerry! /
Them and all their reindeer gangs! /

Till a mutiny on Christmas Eve / which made Santa say:
"Jerry, here's an M-16! / Please avenge my memory!" /

Now all the reindeer fear him! /
As they scream in agony! /

Jerry!!! /
The Psycho Reindeer! /

[Gargling: "Ahhhhhhh!!!!!"] /

Now the rest are history!!!! /

Lyrics © 2008 Dozerfleet Records.


In late 2016 and early 2017, the song was given a sequel in the form of "Run, Jerry, Run."

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