"It's Just Lust, Jim" is an episode of Ferris State Live produced by the fall 2009 TVPR 499 class at Ferris State University. Produced on October 5th and aired on October 8th of 2009, it is the fourth show of the 2009-2010 season.


What's a dig, y'all?Edit

Katie Edwards, a senior volleyball player, came on to talk about building wells in Africa. She claimed she was raising a donation asking for a penny for each well.

Let's talk

Sex and the College Student specialist Dr. Robert Friar came on to talk about sex; but also to talk about brain chemistry on love. He claimed that he first got into the program because the college wanted someone to teach a course on STDs. However, Friar got into the psychology of love and lust and started teaching on those subjects as well, since he found students were desperate for answers on these topics and on their own dysfunctionality in relationships. Compared to that topic, STDs alone were "boring."

Tapping into neurobiology for answers, Friar recalls discussing how the hypothalamus works. He relates that to how susceptible a brain in love with the idea of being in love can become to suggestion when under the influence of hypothalamus-dominant thinking and brain wiring. When asked if students are facing the same issues concerning their sexuality as what they did 20 years ago, Friar responded that it's taken on new dimensions. However, while the issues have taken on new dimensions and students face them to a greater extent than before, the same core issues are still in place.

Friar blames this on teen-aimed programs in TV and advertising primarily, but also elsewhere, that send mixed messages to teens. No message is worse than the mixed message. He also blames it on the fact that parents are too embarrassed to be forthcoming with their almost-grown kids about sex, including all the little details of it. Therefore, kids seeking answers look to the streets for information. They may get a lot from the streets, but with any sort of sound values system filtered out long in advance.

After a long detour, Friar was able to state the obvious to audiences: What many who are young think is love, when analyzed, is really little more than lust.

And in sports...Edit

The Wyoming Whitecaps allowed their baseball field, Fifth/Third Stadium, to be temporarily transformed from a baseball park into a football field so Ferris could play there for a special event.

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