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"Invasive" is the thirteenth episode of Stationery Voyagers, and chronicles the Skidders and Leremins making progress in their quest to overthrow la-Qualda. Meanwhile, the Voyagers successfully land at the Rilage Space Center. Marlack and Neone's realtionship begins budding.


Katrina negotiates with an AWOL mechie named Mitel to investigate Sprucethirst together while Garret provides cover. Glario successfully rescues Prince Thrix, but Thrix insists that they need to retrieve information from the la-Qualda camps before their mission can be declared a success. When Glario asks whom they need to rescue next, Garret mentions a Mechie named Stashel.

On Neothode, Cybomec continues his killing spree. He begins contemplating what he will do with his quasi-life after killing Neone, and his thoughts become bent on power. He has a vision of himself in an alternate future, where he overthrows Astrabolo and rules Neothode as Alhox's viceroy. He stops killing briefly to rescue a woman's purse, but then threatens her when she complains that he is no longer an officer.

Meanwhile, the Voyagers successfully make contact with the Rilage Space Center, leading them to an safe landing. Upon landing, they are soon greeted by Rilage staff before being sent to a briefing waiting room. Neone is sent into that same room, where she and Marlack immediately begin developing an attraction to each other. While Neone initially refuses his friendly advances, she warms up to him while gazing at some stars.


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