An "invasion" in terms of the "X Invasion" on the Dozerfleet Database refers to an event in which wiki operations begin to focus primarily on one subject that is related to Dozerfleet history, but is not actually affiliated with Dozerfleet Productions. The term "invasion" is used here in the same sense as it was used in the British Invasion era of American rock history.

Invasion eras on the Dozerfleet DatabaseEdit

So far, there have been three invasion eras on DozerfleetWiki, with the possibility of more in the future.

Ferris Invasion: January 2010-July 2011Edit

Main article: TVPR 499

Ferris Invasion is the collective term for all Dozerfleet projects that involved Ferris State University class assignments in total, but places special emphasis on what the Spring 2010 TVPR 499 did to finish off its semester. Earlier projects are considered part of it based on their relevance to Dozerfleet Studios history. This includes Volkonir and its related projects, the junior class shows such as Beyond the Campus and Who's Who, and 2009's mini-series Blood Over Water.

Most Ferris Invasion topics relate to Class of 2009 and Class of 2010 assignments of the sort which predated the internships required for students to receive their diplomas. Students from Fall 2009 TVPR 499 and Spring 2010 are all given profiles that state what roles they had at Ferris, what roles they've had at their internships if that information is available, and what they've been doing with their lives professionally since then.

The two shows that get the most attention under Dozerfleet's Ferris Invasion specification are Ferris State Live and Ferris in Focus.

SWOCC Invasion: July 2011-August 2011Edit

Main article: SWOCC Studios

The SWOCC Invasion lasted a lot shorter on Dozerfleet, since projects tended to be shorter and involve fewer assistants to a production team. In addition to rock concerts and cooking shows, this era stressed a lot of short videos made for SWOCC's Special Events Show. And article was also made for everyone regularly working as a team member of SWOCC in 2010. Some projects existed on Dozerfleet hardware copies and were easy to re-watch and document, whereas others required searching SWOCC's Video on Demand server to gather essential details.

Regular staff in 2010 Interns in 2010
Caren Collins-Fifer

Eric Angott

Patty Soma

Suzanne Arabian

Kat Dooley

Jayson Mojak

Nathan Hartwick

Melissa Bondy

Jacob Nothstine

Paul Cischke

Dave Reinhardt

Samantha Reetz

Dave Tietmeyer

Callie Thomas

David Stiefel

Ferlon Webster

Frank Molner

Lamarr English

Special Events

Longacre Ghost Hunt

Farmington Run For the Hills

Village Mall Ribbon Cutting

Hullabaloo Concert

Novi Public Library Grand Opening

Novi Heritage Festival

Miss Farmington Pageant

Marshmallow Fly-N'-Fry

House of Worship Tour

The Troublemakers Concert at Fuerst Park


Community Connection

Stars in the Park

Farmington Idol

The Longacre House Cooking Show

Novi Ice Show

Business Builder's Corner

Farmington Hills City Beautification Awards

Candidates Spotlight

Mature Matters


Thrive Festival

Paralyzed Veterans’ Day Special

Farmington Founders Festival Parade

Farmington 15 News

Commissioner's Corner

Mayor's Youth Council


Farmington Hills Facebook Page

Hazardous Waste Removal Day

Election 2010

Splash Pad

Nature Discovery Center

The SWOCC Slides

Tri-Sola Invasion: August 2011Edit

Main article: Tri-Sola Poetry

In late 2011, there was a rekindled interest in Michael J. Hayes' Tri-Sola Poetry collection. For the first time in years, Dozerfleet Literature received the clear to publish reformatted versions of Mike's original poems directly to DozerfleetWiki. Therefore, special stress was placed on giving Mike's collection a proper treatment to the same extent as had been shown to both Ferris and SWOCC projects. What makes the Tri-Sola invasion unique from its predecessors is that it is a component of Dozerfleet Web and Dozerfleet Literature history. The other two had been primarily components of Dozerfleet Studios history.

The Tri-Sola Invasion lasted from August 18th-August 22nd of 2011, ending at 12:50 PM EDT in Holt, MI.

✎ ♰ri-sola
poems / essays
Mere Pittance


Powerful Comfort


Not My Will

True Love

The Modern Pursuers

Lament My Soul, and Be Crucified

Passionate Peace

The Manager, The Cross, The Life

White Blood Calvary

Michael J. Hayes

Tri-Sola Writings

Dozerfleet Literature

Tri-Sola Message Board

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