"Intelligence Optional" is an episode of Ferris State Live produced by the spring 2010 TVPR 499 class at Ferris State University. Produced on February 8th and aired on February 11th of 2010, it is the fourth show of the spring semester of 2010 and the 17th episode of the 2009-2010 season overall.


ISI: Big Rapids

Dr. Greg Gogolin of Ferris's Information Security Intelligence program began the episode's first segment, talking about what the ISI is and where it came from. He began by stating that it has locations in Traverse City, Big Rapids, Grand Rapids, and elsewhere.[1] He also stated that, unusual for a technical program, up to 40% of the ISI's enrollment consists of women.[2] Students in ISI learn in particular the special skills of retrieving "lost" data from various forms of data storage, which includes cellphone records and even X-Box history in addition to traditional hard drive retrieval.

Greg went on to point out that ISI retrieval is so useful, that it can even be used to help school bus drivers determine the best routes to avoid the homes of known sex offenders.[3] The field is also useful for helping businesses identify embezzlement cases, which usually involve a network of corruption and not just one conspirator. ISI data can also be used by corporations, which can take the data and use it to best analyze how to make for themselves the healthiest markets possible.

Leah eventually speculated on the potential growth of ISI as a field, and Greg responded by saying such growth would be "controlled" by the field being "highly competitive."[4] He finished by talking about the great teachers that have joined him in the field, as well as various other opportunities students and others enjoy as a result of the ISI field. With more than enough to talk about, Scott was forced to wrap up and remind Greg that the segment they were in was out of time.

International Woman of Non-Mystery

The school's coordinator of International Recruitment and Admissions, Luzia Tartari, begins by mentioning that the International office has three main divisions within its infrastructure. First of these mentioned was the Study Away Center, whose mission is to help Ferris Students with exchange programs involving universities in other nations.

The next topic Luzia touches on is International Advising, which gives exchange students who come to Ferris from other countries a place to go for advice on how to study at Ferris. Finally is International Recruitment, which is where international students go to apply. They get recommended to Advising only after Recruitment accepts them.

Luzia went on to make a point that international students at Ferris are often different in their mindset about the campus than domestic students. Whereas domestic students simply need to see an ad about academics and then they can consider going, international students usually need proof, according to Luzia, that they will feel comfortable studying in northwest Michigan.

Curious how the center finds these students in the first place, Leah inquired details of Luzia. She responded by pointing out that several countries will have "fairs" for universities from around the world to advertise, and that Ferris takes significant advantage of such fairs to promote itself to nations it'd like to see more exchange students come from. One common issue that she claims plague such students is that they fear going to live in an American town is going to be an extremely violent experience, since they are often only exposed to American culture via R-rated films that portray a world of absolutely nothing but sex and violence.

Sports and Awards

After a brief glitch, Scott and Sandy team up to talk about sports and more. Their first topic was the Image Awards, which Sandy then opined at great length to be "a great thing for acknowledgment to students..."[5] After this finished, the two of them immediately switched focus to the basketball games against University of Findlay. It was Ferris' first major win after suffering a humiliating defeat to Hillsdale College. After then touching briefly on the women's game, Scott and Sandy theorized on what went on during the hockey game that week. As Sandy put it: "A few too many goals bounced their way, not our way."


This episode was considered by most to be fairly successful.


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