"Innovative Grafix's 2010 ad" is an advertisement aimed for release on the Ferris Access Channel on January 29th of 2010. It was produced by TVPR 499 students Eric Stacy and Nick Blohm. Ads for Innovative Grafix were broadcast during commercial breaks for Ferris in Focus.


The ad begins with a pan-left of the store at one wall; showing shirts, hats, banners, and signs that can be purchased in-store. Additional shots depict signs, hats, and hoodie shirts with various designs etched on. Many of the shirts and other items had Ferris-generic stuff on, but a few items in the store promoted the Cougars at nearby Crossroads Charter Academy. A lot of other shirts bore logos of various fraternities and sororities in the area.

To drive the point further home, the ad goes on to depict etchings in glass to form custom glasses and mugs. Custom rubber stamps, key rings, and necklaces are next on the list of depicted items. The narrator continues by emphasizing that Innovative is licensed specifically to sell Ferris apparel, and that it is also a one-stop shopping center for Greek house items. A state-of-the-art, in-house embroidery section showed badges that Innovative had begun to carry as of January 2010.

The ad finished with a fancy animation created by Nick. It depicted Innovative's logo, with a glowing elipse forming around it in a clockwise motion. Store location and contact information showed up right underneath the animated logo.


The animated logo that showed up in this ad for its final release was actually Nick's second attempt. A much cruder logo was initially proposed.

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