The following describes a Stationery Voyagers episode. For the Canadian sci-fi thriller, see Destination: Infestation (a.k.a. Swarm) instead.

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"Infestation" is the ninth episode of season 4 of Stationery Voyagers and the 62nd episode overall.


With Bluque and Alhox both missing, the world of Markerterion ends up in utter chaos. However, a faction of militia that were loyal to Alhox agree to help the Voyagers out. Brave leader figures step up to help the regions that were once independent nations rebuild as the republics they once were. But as Pextel's crew and the militia all take off for Mantith, Melchar orders his Drismabons to a full-scale invasion with special orders to locate and destroy the Lakeith Pit. Drismabons attack Eliot's retirement home; and he sacrifices himself to ensure the others can escape. Ronda reveals to Mitchell that she's pregnant, suspecting the child to be a girl. Cal introduces them to an outback shelter where they will be safe. However, his assistant stockpiles weapons for them in case any Drismabons invade Austrania. With surface cities unable to withstand Drismabon invasion, Mosquatlons open up their caverns to allow surface dwellers a place to hide.


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