The following is an in-detail analysis of the plot to Ciem: Inferno.


Evansville attacked

A meeting with Meredith Stefflin for a 4H function convinces Erin Flippo to leave town for a few weeks. Meanwhile, the Society of the Icy Finger prepares to strike back following the defeat of Chillingworth a year prior. Clyde Spendelworth decides to expand his Gleeful-N'-Young operations in Indiana, by sending Frank Morvel to Gerosha to find young women to add to his ring - with the blessing of Duke Arfaas. Meanwhile, the Hebbleskins form plans to re-create the energy dome around Gerosha that they created in 1990 to keep the National Guard and SCALLOP out the first time. They send the Meethexo Antonio "Lava Tigre" Frenze to work with Morvel, as well as recruiting a local arsonist gang dubbed the "Pyro Panthers" to work for the Hebbleskins - and perform errands for Gleeful-N'-Young.

The Icy Finger send their Screwworm Network forces to distract US defenses. On top of this, they start cutting deals with a certain Halal Affadidah of ISIS affiliation for a plan to take over Boston and disgrace the Gray Champion - as well as capture Hea Pang and Mapacha for helping him. They create a diversion in Canada and another in Florida, though the Florida operation is defeated by Emeraldon interfering. Emeraldon got careless during that mission, however, allowing the Screwworms to learn his true identity as Donte McArthur. Not yet aware of them learning this, Donte accepts an offer from Darius Philippine of SCALLOP to help Isitoq "Anarteq III" Sundue in his quest to foil the Screwworms' operations in Canada.

The Screwworms decide that to further prevent the National Guard and SCALLOP from saving Gerosha from the Hebbleskins in time, they will attack Evansville out of revenge for what Emeraldon did to their Florida operations. They detonate a 100-ton-payload dirty bomb in the backyard of Betty McArthur's home, taking out several neighborhoods and destroying part of I-69. Several miles away, they also take a meeting at the Old National Events Center hostage. A 16-year-old Candi Flippo arrives at the scene, with her triplet sister Miriam "Sniperbadger" Flippo acting as a hacker to aid operations and her godfather Imaki Izuki running comms.

Imaki warns Candi that he needs to leave for Japan soon, to help his other goddaughter Charlotte "Mukade" Yamamura escape Tokyo and flee the Yakuza for a while. He also wants to investigate rumors of a young girl who is a recent convert to Christianity, but who is discovered to be a Marlquaanite Elemental with air-manipulating capabilities - as well as to get a progress report from Charlotte about Kimiyato "Milp" Hiriyama and how much of a threat this Milthuen Prototype Meethexo still poses.

After getting the clear that police will not pursue any vigilantes willing to help, Imaki informs Candi to use her prototype centipede suit, equipped with Zeran teleporters and Zeran wardrobes, to take out enough Screwworms to free the hostages - and give the arriving-by-foot SCALLOP combat agents a fighting chance at subduing the Screwworms. Candi takes out the MPF generators being hidden in the building's rafters, as well as severely crippling or killing several terrorists guarding those generators. She creates enough of a chaotic scenario, that she is able to tip the scales in SCALLOP's favor. When a Screwworm agent named Bronson tries to flee on foot, Candi chases him down and interrogates him. She severely injures him, then leaves him for police to find. SCALLOP agent and Phaelite Thevia Logindil gives Candi a ride back to Gerosha at Imaki's request, while Miriam informs Candi of all the dirt she has found on the Hebbleskins and Icy Finger via intercepted web communications.

Enter the Purge-Flare

What none of them realize is that Chris Kennal, infamous for his role in the 2009 Big Rapids Massacres, has also found his way to Gerosha - tracking Morvel with some help from allies of his own and their comm systems. Chris is now calling himself the "Purge-Flare," and is nervous about the fact that authorities and the media are crediting Extirpon for Purge-Flare kills. While being interviewed about events in Evansville, Emeraldon informs a journalist that he believes the centipede woman that came to the rescue should be dubbed "Ciem" - short for the Spanish word ciempiés. Without crediting him, Evansville 26 begins running headlines of "Who is Ciem?" Miriam takes note of this, to inform Candi that they are giving her alter-ego a name.

Moral conflict in Candi

A day after the terror attack on Evansville, Candi opens up a journal of hers that Imaki gives her right before heading to SCALLOP's base in Texas to find a flight to Japan. She begins recounting events that have been happening from when her parents Stan and Shalia Flippo were murdered, as well as what she and her surviving relatives have been doing in the interim. She also mentions Don Mendoza, her boyfriend in 6th grade who turned against her and sexually assaulted her at school one day. She describes that being the moment her Centhuen Prototype abilities first manifested. She discusses Darius increasingly showing contempt for her and her sisters, threatening to use any possible opportunity to put them behind bars - as he blames their existence for Stan and Shalia's unwillingness to relocate out of Gerosha when it was dangerous in 2006. Candi mentions that Gunner Soorfelt, one of the Meethlites present for the road rage assassination of her parents, is still at large. She further elaborates on her suits, her gadgets, how Imaki created them for her, her joint custody situation between Erin and Imaki, her role in the development of Remotach pills, and specifics about how well she relates to her triplet sisters - along with other family details. She even mentions why Marina is trying out to go on tour with an indie rock band, and why Miriam chose to become the online vigilante "Sniperbadger."

She also shares a dark secret: her desire to consummate her relationship with her boyfriend Danny Loffin in order to "erase" Don's "mark" on her. She lays out an argument against doing so, pointing out various facts of reality and how this is in keeping with her religious beliefs. She admits this is a source of conflict for both teens, as they want that intimacy but don't wish to bring shame to their families. Candi fears also that if the Loffins find work in logging in Oregon, Roger will quit his grocery store job and Danny will be relocated with his family to Oregon - effectively forcing Candi and Danny to break up. Since Danny is one of the few true believers and decent boys left at Gerosha High, Candi is especially concerned about losing him.

High school life

Finally deciding they should "get it over with," Danny sneaks over to Erin's house and wakes Candi up. They begin talking politics, religion, and views on destiny. Daniel is surprised by how interested Candi is in those topics. They have some deep conversation about their situation, then go down to eat breakfast. Miriam reveals that she let Danny in through the front door - and promises Candi she won't say anything to Erin about Danny being over. Marina is revealed to already be at the home of Anthony Wellings - a talent scout trying to get her an opportunity to tour with several bands and show off her banjo skills. After breakfast and as the bus arrives, Danny promises to talk with Candi some more after school. During the day, resident queen bee Julie Saffins and several lesbians continue to harass the Flippo sisters; though Danny sticks up for them - at risk of being sent to the principal's office.

Villains unite

In spite the conflict that Candi and Danny feel inside, they reluctantly agree with each other that they will have sex when they get an opportunity. Meanwhile, Morvel finalizes arrangements to meet with heads of the Pyro Panther gang - and convince them to work for him. He assures them to take Lava Tigre for a "test run," to see how useful he would be at protecting their interests in the joint venture. Miriam feverishly does research and engages in hacking and transmission interception of Hebbleskin communications, and then learns about the full conspiracy of all the villains that have formed a syndicate.

While the Panthers spread out and distract police, Lava Tigre heads with a few of them to 1st Street and begins terrorizing the neighborhood personally. Miriam fears that Erin's house will become a target, and calls up Candi for backup. Danny urges Candi to go, saying he'd catch up with her either tomorrow or in a few days. Meanwhile, his older brother Roger gets into a fight with some Panthers at a local grocery store. He helps police subdue many of the gang members, but they swear revenge as one of them gets away.


Candi arrives in her Ciem suit to witness the house across from Erin's burning. She easily defeats several Panthers, but Lava Tigre proves a challenge for her to subdue. The sounds of police and fire sirens arriving convinces the Panthers and Lava Tigre to scatter; and Candi decides to pursue them some more later. She heads inside, and is asked by Miriam to hide in the attic with Miriam's laptop - so Miriam can prevent police from learning the secret identities of either sister. Candi agrees to the arrangement, though she eventually teleports onto the roof on a hunch that police will check the attic for the mysterious "Ciem."

Miriam does her best to feed half-truths to police, in order to divert attention back to the Panthers and avoid suspecting the Flippos of anything. The officers warn Miriam that if the Panthers aren't contained soon enough, a state of emergency could be declared. That would have the net effect of putting an emergency curfew in place, moving curfew for teens up to 4:30 PM. Miriam makes note of this - but forgets to make note that she should remind Candi, who is hiding on the roof and can't hear the warning.

The Panthers decide to go forward with Morvel's deal, and begin abducting women as well as starting fires. Lava Tigre demonstrates his tolerance for heat from a regular fire - as well as his ability to punch through a wall and stop a bullet with his hands. His ability to shoot fireballs with his hands seals the deal. They are convinced Lava Tigre can protect them if Ciem shows up again.

Sniperbadger does research

After police leave, Candi lectures Miriam about how it's "only a matter of time" before Miriam's being Sniperbadger was exposed. Miriam agrees, but reminds Candi they are both taking risks by necessity. They both also discuss how Arfaas has placed a bounty on all of Shalia's daughters, both out of revenge and due to the fears of a "Gifted Flippo" being the bane of the Hebbleskins. The girls say prayers and head to bed a few hours later, with Candi taking a while to drift off due to feeling morally conflicted inside given her desires for Danny. Miriam awakes early, and heads downstairs with her laptop to continue her Sniperbadger activities. She learns about Clyde Spendelworth in more detail - as well as the infamous "Purge-Flare" that has been haunting Gleeful-N'-Young for the last 6 years.

Near-fall of the Purge-Flare

As Miriam studies, however, Chris begins taking out several Panthers that are in the process of abducting young girls in various parts of Gerosha. His blood feud against the Hebbleskin allies is cut short when police - mistaking him for Extirpon - begin opening fire on him. He attempts to flee in his van, leading to a lengthy police chase. He is able to successfully escape, but not without his pellet wand being damaged. He also overhears his comms assistant - Bobby Pellet, being assassinated by Gleeful-N'-Young that found where the man was hiding. This essentially cuts Chris off from having any outside contacts to assist him.

Running low on ammo and supplies, he realizes he cannot be Purge-Flare for a while. He abandons his van and uniform in a safe place, fleeing the scene as Chris Kennal and searching for an abandoned residence to take shelter in until police decide the trail has gone cold. He vows to return to his equipment - and make repairs and gather new supplies - just as soon as he has a safe opportunity. He packs only a pistol in the mean time. A few more Panthers find an abandoned construction site - and use a makeshift bunker nearby to store the women they've captured. Morvel and Tigre congratulate them on efficiency - but they warn their new superiors that there's an Extirpon copycat in town.


Finally, on Thursday the 15th of October, the Hebbleskins decide to make their move to install the devices outside town that they need to create a dome around the city. While Miriam continues to put on a face like all is normal, she continues to forget to inform Candi of the new curfew. Jonathan Nodin from Gerosha High, who was going to show up with Candi and Danny at Danny's house to help study for a test, changes his mind about showing up when he overhears gunfire in the background while calling his mom. Candi and Danny begin studying for a bit, but their minds keep going back to their desires. Meanwhile, the Panthers begin torching neighborhoods and businesses again while Lava Tigre starts attacking fire trucks. The Panthers attack Roger at the grocery store, but he is able to fight them off a second time. Realizing they are going to attack his home and that they now know where he lives, he leaves the store in a hurry to check on Danny and get them to a motel on the north side of town.

Meanwhile, Candi and Danny give in to their temptations and proceed to have sex. They become so engrossed in one another, they don't notice the Panthers' destruction has spread to the homes in Danny's immediate area. Roger parks his car a block away from his house in order to avoid detection, then runs toward his house through neighbors' yards while trying to avoid detection by the Panthers. As Candi and Danny finish up, they smell smoke and realize their predicament. Roger notices the house on fire, and barges in to check on Danny. He finds Candi and Danny putting their jackets and backpacks on, then lectures them briefly. The three of them head out through the back door, then make a sharp left turn. When they arrive at 8th Avenue, Candi urges the brothers to head for their car and drive to the motel on the north side of town. She insists she will attempt to use her suit and powers to fight back against the Panthers until police can get things under control; and she promises to meet up with the Loffins later after she has also gotten Miriam out of harm's way.

Candi's arrest

The boys head to the car, but see three squad cars travel north up 8th Avenue. They decide to keep driving toward the motel. Candi makes it to an abandoned store's parking lot, and prepares to remove her Zeran wardrobe from her backpack that contains her Ciem suit. However, the three police cars from earlier spot her and mistake her for a Pyro Panther gang member. Surrounded and with guns drawn on her, Candi attempts to explain to the officers that she doesn't have a bomb in her backpack, as they are accusing her. She also didn't start any of the fires either. However, she lets it slip that she has a Zeran wardrobe in her backpack. Realizing her own words too late, and that Darius would find out about this one way or another, Candi drops her backpack and surrenders.

The arresting officer learns that all of Candi's legal guardians are out of town. He calls up the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's office in Evansville to have Candi sent there, given the chaos and lack of reliable facilities in Gerosha amidst the ensuing chaos. While the officer initially finds the sheriff reluctant, Candi admits to being Ciem in order to get the sheriff to cooperate. She pleads for them to focus on the Hebbleskins - whom she insists for reasons she cannot reveal her sources on, are behind arming the Panthers as well as sending Lava Tigre. The two believe her to be crazy, and decide to take her to jail in Evansville for that reason. However, they look back upon Gerosha just in time to see the Hebbleskins activate their dome around the city. Candi begs the officer turn the car around; and she warns him that Miriam and Danny are still inside the city. The officer threatens to add a resisting arrest charge to her list of charges if she doesn't calm down. Realizing their fate is now out of her hands, a frustrated Candi complies.

Candi booked

Candi is taken to the sheriff's office, where most of her story is validated by the contents in her backpack. She explains how the suit works, as well as why she was really running around the neighborhood. She realizes she is still not off the hook. She agrees to be booked, and they inform her that the judge set to arraign her in two days' time will likely have her sent to Madison Correctional until a formal review of her case can be made. The fact that she lacks legal guardians to be sent to further increases the likelihood of this.

She finds herself placed in a holding cell alongside former classmate Phoebe Gadsbury - in for grand theft auto. While Candi usually cannot stand Phoebe, she decides to do her best to ignore her. Phoebe reminds Candi of the culture of the jail, as Candi focuses on how she will be able to sleep while still worried about her sister and boyfriend.

Moments of desperation

As Danny and Roger get checked into the motel, they soon discover that communications outside the dome are down. Gerosha is in a literal bubble! Roger lectures Danny some more about sleeping with Candi; but Danny argues that they have more important things to worry about - like finding Miriam. Roger finally concedes that they should head to Erin's house on 1st and retrieve her for her own safety. Meanwhile, Miriam uses a Critter Resistance app on her special laptop to fish for anything that can prove useful regarding finding Chris. She is disconnected from her friends TamperWolf and FriskTurtle by the dome, but is able to retrieve Chris' number when he attempts to reach a different contact of his. She triangulates the signal source, and determines where Chris has been hiding with his van. Danny arrives at the house to instruct Miriam to come with him and Roger; but they decide to check the local news in the event that anything comes up about Candi. They are all devastated to learn that she's been arrested - along with several other teens who went to great lengths to flee from the Pyro Panthers, only to be mistaken for them.

Reports also mention how several others have gone missing, as well as showing some of the aftermath of Lava Tigre's assault on Gerosha's fire department. Miriam blames herself, since she failed to inform Candi of the new curfew. She vows that she will risk capture to locate the Purge-Flare, and to recruit him to the cause of fighting off Lava Tigre and the Panthers. Roger decides that if his brother's gal pals are this crazy, he too may as well go for broke. Miriam explains what she was able to piece together of the villains' strategy. They leave for the motel, just minutes before the house across the street is attacked by Pyro Panthers and burned to the ground.

Candi goes to Madison

As Miriam begins looking for more ways to circumvent the dome's internet restrictions to alert her Critter Resistance friends of the unfolding situation, Candi finds herself taken to court. Her public defender is James Lonsil of the Lonsil & Tiver law firm...who doesn't appear to be taking the case seriously. Judge Richard Deckinson appears to be even less interested, only taking the case because he had to - while constantly referring to the fact that he was supposed to have the day off to play golf. Candi and the judge exchange a few jokes, and she expedites things by confessing to everything except the arson charge. Deckinson arranges for her to be sent to Madison Correctional for 8 days until she can be brought back for trial. Meanwhile, Chris continues looking for ways to contact outside help - and repair his Purge-Flare equipment.

Candi is quickly introduced to the warden, as well as a few of the other girls in her immediate hall. She learns that her cellmate is to be Nancy Hizra - who accidentally killed a poodle and got on the bad side of the couple she was pet-sitting for. She is lined up on a wall for introductions alongside Nancy and several others. Stacy Remington is in for reckless discharge of a firearm. Amirah "Flintirah" Rose is in for setting her ex-boyfriend on fire, though no one is sure how she did so. She claims that the guard Lonny Factor is not who warden Bruce Almin believes him to be, but Almin doesn't let Amirah explain. Anita is revealed to be a demented inventor who murdered her own sister, and Pam terrifies everyone with the lengths she was willing to go to in order to stalk her favorite boy band.

As the introductions end and the other girls are shown to their cells, Candi notices Factor pulling a disgusted Amirah and dragging her away. She finds the gazes of the two peculiar, but opts not to say anything. Bruce decides to talk with Candi alone, since he feels she is not like most of the other girls and deserves a special analysis before being sent to a cell with Nancy. She reveals a little of her life story to him, and he gives her a little advice before being called to address an issue on the basketball court. He has Factor take Candi to her cell, as she studies Factor's face and senses something off about him. He makes vague threats to her when he suspects she is on to him, and she pretends to ignore him as he tosses her into her cell.

Candi and Nancy briefly discuss where each other is from, and share their common concerns about what Arfaas might be planning once his conquest of Gerosha is complete.

Helpless guardians

While Miriam continues to attempt to get a lock on and contact Chris, Imaki's efforts to help Charlotte escape take an unpleasant turn. The airport is attacked by Milp, along with several Yakuza staging a terror attack to draw Mukade out. Imaki is forced to hide in the men's room, as Charlotte must now find another opportunity to flee Japan. He checks his news briefings about Gerosha, and learns that the media interviewed Emeraldon and took his suggestion to refer to Candi's suit as "Ciem." He is further startled to learn that Candi has been captured, but realizes there is little he can do about it until he arrives back on US shores.

Meredith and Erin are seen in a hotel in northern Tennessee, wrapping up their mission together as Erin plans to head back home. However, news reports mention that there is another dome around Gerosha.

The new rival

Candi hears what sound like screams in the evening, but is unable to pinpoint which cell it is coming from. The stop almost as soon as they begin, leading to Candi deciding it was nothing. Meanwhile, Factor continues to torture Amirah in her cell. He demands that she reveal the locations of other Phexos, believing her to also be one. She vows to one day form a gang of her own outside the walls, and to put the Hebbleskins in their place. Factor taunts her that he just needs her long enough to keep him amused until he is given the green light to blow his own cover. At that point, he will have the signal to go after Emeraldon. Using Bezeetol, he quickly subdues Amirah - as a fire lights up in her eyes. She vows to make Factor suffer one day, when the time is right. After Factor leaves, various other girls affiliated with Amirah begin tapping Morse code messages on their cell doors. Amirah waits for the messages to stop, and she taps her door to indicate she'll be fine. She soon collapses.

The following day during lunch, Amirah and her gang try to recruit Candi. However, she casually blows off the offer by stating it would be "out of character" for her. She reminds them that she defeated the Screwworms in Evansville; and she implies further that to attack that gang "would be petty" by comparison. Amirah has a less-than-amused look on her face, and tries to point out to Candi that there are already girls there that dislike her at first site. Candi argues back that "it'll take more than Mos Eisley politics" to sway her. Amirah becomes enraged with Candi's attitude, warning that being "Flippant Flippo" won't get her very far. Candi merely walks away. When one of the other girls attempts to trip her up, her centuition kicks in and allows her to avoid the trap. She points her right wrist centileg at the would-be tripper, to warn her to stay away. The girls back away, but Amirah promises them they'll get another chance to convince Candi to join them.

During dodgeball later that day, Candi and Amirah wind up on opposite teams. Amriah's team frantically tries to hit all their balls at Candi, enraged that she is able to avoid every single ball. She taunts them that this is why she's "not allowed to play that game in school." Candi then asks the guard on duty for a timeout, asking to be exempted from the game due to her powers giving her "an unfair advantage." The guard opts not to grant Candi's wish, and instead keeps her in. Amirah sets a ball on fire while throwing it extra hard; though Candi is able to dodge that one too. The flaming ball, however, incinerates upon impact with the wall behind Candi. This causes the guard to send Candi and Amirah both back to their cells for a timeout. Amirah attempts to calm down, as she witnesses her outfit singeing.

Later in the afternoon, Bruce Almin calls Candi down to counsel her - as well as use any knowledge she may have to find information that could undo the dome around Gerosha.

Everyone's got plans

After SCALLOP officials get a copy of the info on Candi's initial jail booking, Darius decides to send out a legal team to ensure that Candi doesn't get out right away. Meanwhile, Arfaas calls to congratulate the Icy Finger on the mobilizing of its troops with Affadidah on Boston. They warn Arfaas to keep the Hebbleskins out of Boston in the next few months; that the city is a joint Icy Finger - Affadidah operation. Arfaas assures Rappaccini that he Hebbleskins won't interfere in that operation. Meanwhile, he readies to hide inside a bus headed for the dome.

Roger agrees to stay at the hotel, while Danny and Miriam agree to brave the dome to locate Chris. Danny heads to Erin's house to keep post there. Miriam is able to confront Chris, though he is initially suspicious of her and abducts her. She talks him into taking her to Erin's house on 1st Street. The two head inside, and Danny convinces Chris that they can all be on the same team. Chris mentions what he needs to repair his suit, and the two teens promise to help him become the Purge-Flare again as they discuss with him what all is at stake - and who is involved.

Inside their cell, Nancy reveals to Candi that she's been following Factor around when no one has been noticing. She has overheard him saying some strange things into a phone, followed by the Hebbleskin catchphrase. Nancy urges Candi not to judge Amirah too soon. Candi makes a mental note to investigate on her own, and thanks Nancy. However, she warns Nancy to keep her distance from Factor if what was overheard is true.

Action taken

Candi attempts to make peace with Amirah, while still refusing to officially join her gang. Amirah remarks that what Candi said about "networks" being smarter than gangs may have some truth to it, on second thought. They reach a compromise: where Candi can be a lookout to alert them if anyone else is making trouble. However, they will not require Candi to get directly involved in any fights. She gets to "play referee" in advance, before it becomes necessary for the guards to. Candi decides to use her limited access to supplies to develop some paper equivalents of board games, to propose new ideas for activities for the girls.

Meanwhile, Chris and Miriam invade a chemical plant to confiscate the materials Chris will need to get his pellet gun and flamethrower to work correctly again. The Pyro Panthers, put in charge of guarding the chemical plant while Frank Morvel watches over the hostages, immediately suspect foul play when Chris is spotted. Miriam attempts to learn more about the dome's power grid while Chris fights off adversaries. However, security cameras capture Lava Tigre being sent to the lab. Chris and Miriam fight their way to the outside, and Chris distracts Lava Tigre while Miriam gets the van. Chris realizes after using some grenades he had left on him that Lava Tigre will probably not be very responsive to most of his flame-based arsenal. He finally resorts to using a fire hydrant on the monster, which injures Tigre just enough to allow Chris to hop in the van and get away with Miriam.

The few police left in town arrive at the scene just in time to confront an injured Lava Tigre after Miriam and Chris have fled - though Tigre injures several police and then flees to give Morvel a mission report. Morvel looks at the hostages - which includes one cop - and taunts them about how useful they will be to Gleeful-N'-Young.

Later that evening, Candi sneaks out and spies Factor torturing Amirah. She waits until Factor leaves, then sneaks into Amirah's cell with help from a Zeran wardrobe. They discuss their altered states and Kirby Act statuses, and Candi vows to find a way to expose Factor. Amirah wonders how Candi thinks they can be friends so soon, but Candi states that they have more important things to worry about than their petty differences. She attempts to cheer Amirah up, realizing much of Amirah's tough girl act is just that - an act. Amirah tells Candi to return to her cell and wait for a more opportune moment. Candi promises to offer listening ears, and suggests Amirah consider SCALLOP counsel. Amirah protests that this would doom forever her chances of returning home. However, Candi reminds her that the two of them both may very well not have homes to return to regardless, due to the Hebbleskins becoming bolder in their attacks. Candi leaves, and Amirah nearly burns her own bunk bed down in frustration that Candi may be right.

Truth of Factor

After a conference in which Halal Affadidah, Rappaccini, and Duke Arfaas discuss the need for a backup plan if the conquest of Gerosha plan fails; Gunner Soorfelt receives a phone call from Lonny Factor stating that he believes he's located the Gifted Flippo. His time spend tormenting Flintirah may have paid off. Gunner tells Factor to go for the kill, and to not worry if his cover is blown.

The next day, he attacks Amirah with a syringe full of adrenaline right in front of everyone as they are being escorted to the cafeteria. A panicked Amirah notices a few other prisoners that don't like her laughing at her trauma, and she flies into a rage, losing control of her power. Her gang abandons her in fear, and she starts lighting everything on fire. Factor flees the scene, only to arrive later with a jetpack and in military combat gear. However, he makes the mistake of taunting that "the Gifted Flippo is next!" Candi overhears this, and decides to reach for her hair pin Zeran wardrobe located in the back of her head. She bolts around a corner when no one is looking, and changes into her Ciem suit.

Other guards attempt to gather the girls and put the facility on lockdown, yet Amirah continues to damage equipment as her flames spiral out of control. She decides to make her way outside, in an effort to drain her power long enough to get herself under control. A few prisoners slip past the guards and begin taunting her. She is about to torch them, when Candi arrives with a trash can lid to deflect the blows. She chastises the others and tells them to get out of there, pounding a few into submission when they refuse and stinging them so they will stop resisting.

Amirah attempts to finish the girls off, but Candi won't let her. As the prison inmates and staff look on in bewilderment from the safety of inside a building, Ciem battle Flintirah and tries to reason with her to get her to calm down. Candi remembers that Amirah was attacked by Factor, and brings the conversation back to that. Candi removes her mask right as Amirah starts to calm down, and suggest they both need to stop Factor.

Factor shoots both with Bezeetol darts while descending on his jetpack. Amidst the spam attack, Candi is unable to avoid every single one. She and Amirah are each hit by one dart, and both girls begin feeling the effects immediately. Factor shoots several guards that try to intervene, stating that the "Day of Hebbleskin Reckoning" had come. That this would be "the End of the Dreaded Flippos," and "the rise of Hebbleskin supremacy."

A weakened Candi attempts to get to her feet, yet he knocks her over. She looks at Amirah, who is shriveling in fear of Factor. Amirah remembers Candi informing her that the former is a Marlquaanite rather than a Phexo, and that she can burn off the Bezeetol. Amirah musters up the courage to resist the drug, even as Factor pulls out a dagger and aims it at a defeated Candi's neck. He turns back to look at Amirah just a little too late, and she musters up her fire entity mode. She grabs a hold of Factor, pulling him off Candi. He attempts to use his jetpack to escape, yet she uses the distance created between herself and the prison to go into full fireball mode. Factor is incinerated beneath his uniform, and Candi is barely able to muster the energy to catch Amirah as she falls back to the ground. Both girls are immediately taken to the infirmary.

Amirah later that day informs Bruce that she wants to seek SCALLOP intervention - even if that means she is taken to SCALLOP Juvenile Containment Center outside Houston. She decides someone with her powers is too dangerous for an ordinary prison, and asks Bruce to look after Candi for so long as necessary. Bruce promises to do exactly that. He also begins making a phone call to Marion Wevenil, stating that he'd like to request a prisoner transfer. Amirah notices Candi recuperating in the infirmary, and apologizes for her prior hostility. Candi apologizes for being so annoying back. Amirah promises to use SCALLOP's program to become a better human being. Candi promises to pray for Amirah's success. As Amirah prepares to be sent back to her cell, she wishes Candi luck on her court date.

Hurry up and wait

Chris and Miriam begin to have feelings for each other, as they also attempt to lay low. Police scramble to locate their Extirpon look-alike, but are unable to secure search warrants. A police raid attempts to take down Frank Morvel and rescue several captured children - and one officer. However, Lava Tigre foils these efforts. Chris and Miriam give in to their feelings and consummate their wartime bond; but they soon realize afterward that it is wrong for them to stay together. They discuss plans on where to go with their futures afterward.

Candi is (somewhat) acquitted

On the 23rd of October, Arfaas himself arrives in Louisville with plans to reach Gerosha later that day - after some other business is tended to. Candi is shipped to Evansville to face trial officially. Imaki heads to the SCALLOP headquarters as soon as he is able to in Evansville, and learns of what has happened to Candi. He comes up with a spin story to protect Candi from Erin ever learning about Candi's sexual indiscretion with Danny, and then calls Erin to inform her that Candi's been compromised under the Kirby Act. Marina also learns of this via Erin, and they all head to the courthouse to offer Candi moral support. Jim Oisdaat of SCALLOP arrives, and objects to Imaki, Erin, and Marina being there for Candi's trial. However, Deckinson reminds Oisdaat that there is no measure in the Kirby Act forbidding such a thing. Oisdaat calls up Darius to complain about how Erin is not cooperating with Darius on Candi's fate.

Deckinson agrees to Imaki's bail payment for Candi, stating she is due back in court in November. He has the arson charge against her dropped due to lack of evidence. She is informed that her heroics at Madison will also be taken into consideration during her hearing in November. Meanwhile, Chris and Miriam begin scouting to find the easiest access point to raid so they can disable the dome.

Disabling the dome

Candi is issued an ankle bracelet, and is put in Imaki's SUV with special instructions. Imaki asks about the dome over Gerosha, and Chad Orvain informs him that they may have to fight their way through the gate on the southwest entrance. The troops will go ahead, while Candi and Imaki are to wait behind for a clear signal that they can enter.

Meanwhile, Miriam locates the main gate control terminal. Chris guards her while she goes to work looking for a way to disable the dome. A Hebbleskin convoy attacks the SCALLOP vehicles and National Guard tanks along the roadway between Evansville and Gerosha, forcing Imaki to drive around it amidst the chaos. The dome goes down, but Lava Tigre figures out where the two vigilantes are. Chris is able to destroy the console before the dome can be reactivated, requiring a special Hebbleskin technician to have to fly in to repair it. The two of them flee as Tigre finally catches up to the base and witnesses the control modules having been destroyed. He sends word to Morvel that they need to wrap up their hostage collection and start loading the vans for transport out of town.

Explosive showdown

Imaki calls Miriam up, stating that everyone's returning home and that they've recovered Candi. Miriam motions for Danny and Chris to return to the motel and disappear for a while, so the house can seem empty. She claims responsibility herself for what happened to Candi, and informs everyone of what's at stake regarding Morvel and Tigre. She also warns Candi to keep clear of the Purge-Flare, who is in Gerosha and has been helping out in Candi's absence. The girls and Imaki return home, but they realize their reunion will be short. Erin chastises Miriam for getting involved with Chris, though Imaki defends it as being necessary under the circumstances. Miriam promises she'll turn herself in if Darius attempts to accuse Candi of being involved with Chris. Marina suggests they all pray about their circumstances, rather than get angry. Erin finally agrees with that suggestion. Afterward, Imaki gives Candi some functioning dart shooters. He promises further suit upgrades to her in a few months. She asks what to do if she is in jail again, and he assures her that he'll work out a deal.

The revelation that the dome is down causes Arfaas to turn back, as he calls up Affadidah and announces that "Plan B" should be considered. Morvel and the Pyro Panthers finally collect the last of their victims right as dusk sets in. They prepare to load up the vans and ship out, with Lava Tigre checking for any interruptions. Candi fires a dart at the left front tire of one of the vans after teleporting to the top of some scaffolding. She attempts to move in and free the hostages, but Lava Tigre engages her. A few Pyro Panthers attempt to jump her as well, but she is able to use them as human shields against Tigre. Morvel orders them to let Tigre handle Ciem as they flee with the hostages. However, a few of them ignore orders and attempt to shoot her as she gains a vantage point on the nearby scaffolding.

The Purge-Flare arrives and takes out a few more thugs, resulting in Morvel fleeing in his bus and leaving the rest behind. Miriam communicates to both Ciem and Purge-Flare that they have to pick their battles. Tigre engages Ciem in battle until he is ambushed from behind by the Purge-Flare. Deciding that to be the more personal fight, he charges at Chris and forgets about Candi. She opens up a van of hostages, and discovers an officer inside. The officer rips her mask off, and comments on how she is the same girl that was in the news a week or so ago. Candi tells him that they need to rescue the other hostages, and that he can arrest her later if he feels like it.

The officer instead opens up the other van doors and orders the hostages to scatter into the streets, as Purge-Flare and Tigre continue to duke it out. He then helps Candi commandeer a van to go after Morvel. As the commandeered van catches up to Morvel on the road toward Evansville, several police cars also descend on the area. Panthers open up the back doors to the bus and start launching bazooka fire at the police. Candi puts her mask back on and Zeran teleports into the bus. Morvel turns the bus dramatically and then stops it, fleeing out the doors and attempting to vanish on foot. Ciem takes out the Pyro Panthers one by one, as the hostages scatter. She then chases after Morvel on foot, as police attempt to recover hostages and recommend them for medical treatment.

Purge-Flare and Tigre continue to duke it out, causing more and more homes to catch fire along the way. After finally distracting Tigre enough, he launches a liquid helium bomb right at Tigre's abdomen, crippling him with the cold snap. Chris finally injects Tigre with batrachotoxin recovered from the science lab. After Tigre dies, Chris knocks him over and then lights off a purple flame grenade to taunt the monster's memory. He checks under his coat, and notes a small burn to his left biceps. However, he decides he can heal his arm and get a new coat later.

Ciem confronts Morvel through the neighborhoods as he launches grenades through windows to set more and more homes on fire. He attempts to shoot her, succeeding only once. As she heals from the pain, she distracts him long enough to let him get close enough to snap his spine. He reaches for a grenade to detonate himself and her with, taunting her about how she "lost the war regardless." Ciem grabs the grenade from him and launches it high in the air, preventing any fatalities. Morvel screams in frustration over this, but Candi stings his arms to numbness and then walks away, leaving him for police to find. She calls Imaki to let him know what happened, and Imaki orders her to retreat to Erin's house. He will contact SCALLOP to minimize the trouble awaiting Candi.

Miriam says goodbye to Chris

Miriam catches up to Chris, unaware that a small boy named Randy Mintzel is watching the entire time. Chris finishes putting away his Purge-Flare equipment in his van, and Miriam offers to show him the best way out of town before the National Guard can trap him in. The two make it as far north as Ft. Wayne, when Chris heads with Miriam to a motel. They passionately kiss each other goodbye the next day, and Miriam calls for Imaki to come and get her.

Candi's bargain

In November, Candi returns to court. Darius and his team of plaintiffs show little mercy in condemning Candi for outing the existence of Zeran tech. Erin lets her anger be known at Darius for his cheap shots at the family. Candi agrees to a plea bargain, letting herself stay at Madison during times when she doesn't have school for as long as all parties agree it in their best interests to keep her there. She'd stay with Imaki and be under monitoring during the days she has school. She'd spend all her holidays at Madison, and her entire summer break, and not leave until she got the clear. On this condition, she asks that Darius and the others in her family stop feuding with each other.

Judge Deckinson decides that Candi's bargain is the best course of action, and he declares it to be the way to go. He gives Candi until the beginning of Christmas break to get her affairs in order, and orders her to surrender herself at the police station the Saturday after school gets out. Darius smugly leaves the courtroom, vowing under his breath that he will find more ways to stick it to Candi for what she'd done. Her lawyers do their best to minimize media coverage of Candi's case, to prevent further damage.

Miriam's sacrifice

December arrives, and it is the Saturday after Gerosha High goes on Christmas break. Miriam awakes early. After catching a sneak peak at the news and learning that Candi is suspected of helping the "Extirpon look-alike" flee Gerosha, Miriam decides to send a message to her friends at the Critter Resistance Network; explaining that she'll be out of commission for a while. She then calls up Imaki, telling him to hide her laptop for her.

Upon waking up, the other girls pray and discuss the ramifications of Candi having to go back to jail. Miriam mentions that she is going too; and that it's unfair that Candi should take the fall for Miriam's role in helping Chris. Erin nods and agrees that this is the wisest course of action, ensuring that the two of them owing up to their roles in recent events will protect Marina from undue suspicion and allow Marina to pursue her music career with minimal legal interference.

The girls then head to the still-damaged Gerosha police station to turn themselves in. As Candi is being taken away, Miriam confesses to her role in aiding the Purge-Flare. Police prepare to take her away too. Meanwhile, Chris is seen looking at a picture of Miriam on a camera of his, vowing to one day make things right by finishing off Clyde once and for all - to ensure that what Miriam did for Chris was not in vain.

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