The Hullabaloo Concert is a short video made for the SWOCC Studios Special Events Show. The event itself took place around August 27th of 2010, and the video for it was sent to cable about a week later.


Rythmz at Riley Park was a concert series put on by the city of Farmington, and featured a variety of bands that would come on and perform concerts one night a week for Farmington residents. It was intended to help the city gain some tourism revenue.

This particular short piece contained small snippets from Hullabaloo’s concert in downtown Farmington. Starbucks was one of many locations where the concert was watched from a distance. Like a lot of other events, the Rythmz at Riley Park Concert Series was free and open to the public. However, shops in the area made money by the influx of tourists who’d be willing to drive into town and watch the performance. The bands were paid with taxpayer dollars.

Hullabaloo originated as a jazz and ska band from Ann Arbor; but has since become very popular in Ohio. In spite this, the band has very little to manage its publicity with besides a MySpace page. It was late September when the band arrived in Riley Park. They were set up to be the final act performing for the series in 2010.

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Figure below is based on a rough estimate of how much the event may have cost, and on the assumption that it was a vanity project. Due to the low score, it does not seem likely there will be a large lobby seeking to have Rythmz at Riley Park defunded.

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