Grillitan Diner 2 is the planned, shelved sequel to Grillitan Diner, first envisioned in 2002.

Libraryshelf The following project has been shelved. It may or may not get a future release. Stay tuned.


Some years after the original story, Wes and Sankey have married and are expecting a child named Jessica. Reggie got his girl, Jenny Kay. Bookie and Angie Jeffress marry. They all seem like one big happy family, but their diner is too small. After an arsonist starts a fire, the six protagonists buy a larger plot of land, and plot how to make the new Grillitan work.

More whacky hijinks ensue as babies are on the way and the diner tries to adjust to life as a big time restaurant. When Wes' grandfather dies, he bequeaths his fortune to Wes and Valerie; and they use it to improve the diner's chances.


There was a desire since the first Grillitan that a sequel of some sort should exist. In 2005, the plot began to solidify slightly around a new diner. This was enhanced by creating the new diner in The Sims 2, which was a response to the fact that the original diner wasn't forming properly in the original. The new diner was offered as a download for Utterly Sims until the cancellation of that brand in 2012. It was submitted in 2006 to Mod The Sims for approval, but was ultimately rejected due to its inclusion of extra bedsheets and other customized items not desired by MTS staff. When DzMD came online, plans were halted for a release of the second diner.

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