"Gilberts' Carpets Plus 2010 ad" was an advertisement aimed for release on the Fox 32 of Cadillac on January 29th of 2010. It was produced by TVPR 499 students Megan Barker and Lamarr English. Ads for Gilbert's Carpets Plus were broadcast during commercial breaks for Ferris State Live.


As the ad begins, a very cheap logo for the store keys out. This logo lists the store's name along with a phone number and address for the store. The ad then zooms in to a woman grabbing a brown carpet with a golden dot pattern on it. Mark Terwilliger narrates the ad, continuing to mention that Gilberts' does commercial floor remodeling in addition to offering retail rugs.

The Eco-Tiling section for floor tiles gets emphasized in a shot immediately following. The same-day-issuance warehouse full of extras gets a few zooms and pan dissolves also, as Gilberts' demanded there be some mention of the warehouse.

The slogan drop finalized this ad: "Gilberts' Carpets Plus Color Tile of Big Rapids…where it's more than just business; it's all about YOU!"


For Mark, Megan, and Lamarr, this ad was one nightmare after another. It not only loomed over them as a class grade; but Gilberts' kept demanding that the ad be tweaked. The managers, after agreeing completely to a version of the ad one week, suddenly changed their mind and demanded reshoot after reshoot due to a new program that was started at the store in reference to some product.

The class agreed to do two or three reshoots, but that wasn't good enough for the store. It wanted some reshoots simply because of a tiny little sticker of a carpet sticking out in the background of one scene, or a broomstick that was not supposed to show up that only the managers would have even noticed was in the frame.

Glen finally had to inform Gilberts' that there was nothing wrong with the final version, and that they'd have to pay more money if they wanted to take up any more of the trio's time. The staff at Gilberts' didn't appreciate the reality check one bit, leading to the class dubbing it "Gilberts' Carpets Minus Common Sense."

External links

  • Official Home Page of Gilberts' Carpets Plus
  • Address: 14150 Northland Dr. Big Rapids, MI 49307
  • Phone: (231)-796-2700

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