The Gerosha Stone is a left-handed scallop top shell that washed ashore in Cocoa Beach, Florida. The actual seashell was discovered in January of 2008 by the Dozerfleet founder, who was walking along the shoreline. It was later retconned into The Gerosha Chronicles as the reason for the town of Boonville being renamed "Gerosha" in 1990 by Stan and Shalia Flippo in The Battle for Gerosha. Therefore, its status as a major artifact is a driving force of the mythology of several versions of the Gerosha universe of Dozerfleet Comics.



A 3D anaglyph of the Gerosha Stone. Glasses required for full effect: 3DRC.

The Gerosha Stone is believed to be a species of bay scallop similar to Aequipecten opercularis luteus lineatus, in spite the fact that Conchology, Inc. claims that species to be native to France and the Gerosha Stone was discovered on the shores of Cocoa Beach, FL.[1] There is a distinct letter "G" carved into one side of it, presumably from a lightning whelk. Other damages to the shell imply that the scallop that once occupied it was rather violently disposed of by whatever creature managed to finish it off.

Other than the strangeness of its geographical discovery in relation to its alleged origin, other features of the shell are consistent with the behaviors of bay scallops native to Florida. As with most of its type, it's main shell ingredient is believed to be calcium carbonate. The Gerosha Stone weighs approximately 2 ounces, and has a specific gravity of about 2.71. It is described as being "bleached sandy wheat tan" in color. In the Gerosha multiverse, its estimated value due to its historical significance is somewhere around $20,000. At an auction, it could easily go for beyond a million in value. Similar stones in real life have a market value of around $4.20, but would sell for $3.75 due to damages.[2]

Relevance to Dozerfleet worksEdit

Wealth of a SeashellEdit

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In this prequel to The Battle for Gerosha, the pirate Henry Lohtz is described as having first discovered the Gerosha Stone. While a majority of his crew tried to convince him the stone was worthless, he could not be parted from it until nearly his dying day. It was eventually buried, along with the rest of his treasures. Those treasures appreciated significantly in value, eventually becoming the origin of Stan and Shalia's fortunes.

The Battle for GeroshaEdit


Gerosha Stone on display in the Triangulum treasure room.


Henry Lohtz discovers the Gerosha Stone for the first time in Wealth of a Seashell.

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Remakes of The Battle for Gerosha mention Stan and Shalia Flippo as having discovered the stone along with other treasures of Henry Lohtz. Stan's lifelong desire to find the treasure was inspired by that of his adoptive father Tobey Flippo. While discovering the stone itself contributed the least to Stan's being able to cash in on his discovery of Lohtz's treasure, he developed the same fascination as Lohtz with being unwilling to give it up. He names the town built atop the ruins of Boonville "Gerosha," in keeping with the seashell. This continuity holds true retroactively in Classic Gerosha, and remains so in every version since then. The town being renamed was originally the fictitious "Craterville," created in The Sims 2 for Gerosha Prime. It was originally renamed Gerosha for arbitrary reasons.

Ciem: Vigilante CentipedeEdit

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As Candi was describing her own family and her origins in her journal in "20,000 Legs into the Backstory," the Gerosha Stone was mentioned briefly. It became a part of the City of Gerosha, a major artifact on display in the city's museum. The actual stone is hidden in a back storage area, whereas a carefully-constructed artificial replica is displayed during regular hours. It otherwise is not a plot point. It also lacked significant plot relevance in the webcomic from 2007.


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When the Ameristani regime destroys Gerosha, Jeraime and Dolly raid the central museum to keep the Gerosha Stone out of regime possession. They decide that its rightful owner is the oldest-living child of Stan Flippo, and decide to keep it safe until they can find the heir. Jeraime stores it in an attic that the regime fails to pay attention to. They keep the Malestroms' house standing, in spite destroying most of the neighborhood around it. They abandon the house shortly after capturing Dolly.

Candi and Dolly later return to the house and retrieve it. The seashell remains in possession of Candi and Donte, and the McArthur family in general, from that point onward.


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