The following is a dictionary page defining various "New Media" technical terms to define the technology used to create The Gerosha Chronicles, particularly the Ciem Trilogy.

Types of media usedEdit


n., abbrev., Game fiction.

  1. A type of fan fiction piece that is written around one's affection for a particular game and/or characters/settings from said game.
  2. Any type of derivative work which employs the mechanics/programming/environment of a particular game (electronic or otherwise) to produce an end result.


  1. Someone writes a fanfic about Miss Scarlet from Clue murdering Uncle Pennybags from Monopoly. This crossover-fic, involving board games, would definitely be a type of Gamefic. Likewise, so would someone writing/drawing images of Master Chief from Halo having an affair with Samus from Metroid.
  2. A video that is created using pawns and a Clue board to make things happen via stop-motion animation would be a board game version of gamefic. Likewise, simply using FRAPS to record a session in a flight simulator would qualify as Gamefic. (See machinima below)


  1. n., Videos that are produced using the environments of specific software engines, particularly PC and video games, a type of gamefic that employs cinematic techniques.
  2. n., The art of producing such videos.


  1. Red vs. Blue is a machinima.
  2. Rooster Teeth makes machinima.


n., A comic, particularly a webcomic (see below,) that employs the use of machinima capture techniques to create stills that serve as comic book frames.

Examples: Ciem 2 is a machinomic.


  1. n., Plural of machinomic, a collection of several such comics.
  2. n., The art of creating such comics.


  1. The Gerosha Chronicles are machinomics.
  2. Creating the Gerosha Chronicles is the art of machinomics.

Sims comicEdit

n., Any machinomic that uses any version of The Sims as its primary source of stock imagery.

Examples: Ciem 2 (The Sims 2: Open For Business,) A Witness from Dirbine (The Sims 3,) and any random "A Baby is Born"-type of comic (The Sims: Unleashed,) etc., are all examples of a specific sub-class of machinomic called a Sims comic. By default, all stories on The Sims (1, 2, and 3) Story Exchange are Sims comics. Also known as "Sims stories."


  1. n., The act of gathering stills from machinima or machinomics, for use within said works themselves.
  2. n., The act of gathering stills from machinima or machinomics, for use in the creation of promotional materials for said works.
  3. n., The act of controlling and customizing the lighting of scenes within a machinima-friendly environment, in order to enhance the gathering of properly-lit video or stills. May include the act of editing scenic lighting in post-production software.
  4. n., The field of machinimatography as a specialty.
  5. n., The act of writing configuration scripts to modify optical physics in a simulation to allow for more dramatic/realistic production of machinima/machinomics. Also known as a Lighting Configuration Hacking.


  1. "I took a snapshot of Lawrence in frame X, and that still will be used as part of final frame Z in the comic and as a split-screen note in the video version."
  2. "I captured several stills from your video of Sims Losing Their Minds and a few frames from your comic Sims Are Nuts to promote your works on this new promotional site."
  3. "To effectively light a scene in The Sims 2, it is advisable to use a lighting hack and download several custom lights. Next, pay close attention to how light reflects off every surface, and place your lights accordingly."
  4. "Ask me anything you want about gathering machinima/machinomic stills, or lighting them. It's my field."
  5. GunMod, ChocolatePi, and dDefinder are all considered machinimatographers in a sense, since they all specialize in scripting optical physics in The Sims 2. Their work is called "Config hacking" on Mod The Sims.


  1. n., Someone in charge of gathering stills from/for machinima/machinomics either for the piece itself or for promotional materials.
  2. n., Someone in charge of lighting scenes for a machinima/machinomic.
  3. n., The job title of said individual. Similar job title to that of "Cinematographer," a term applicable to live action film.
  4. n., Someone who scripts custom lighting configurations, also known as a Lighting Config Hacker.


  1. n., The operation, coordination, or manipulation of animation keyframes within video/still capture from a virtual/game environment for purposes of creating machinima/machinomics.
  2. n., The creation, via scripting, hard programming, or via other means, of new animations/keyframes for purposes of video/still capture in machinima/machinomic production.


  1. n., One who operates, puppeteers, coordinates, or manipulates animations and/or keyframes to achieve the ends of video/still capture for machinima/machinomics.
  2. n., One who scripts custom animations, especially via a game mod, to allow more flexibility to other machinimators. Also called an Animation Scriptor. May overlap with someone who creates specialized game objects that house said scripted animations, commonly known as an Object Modder or Object Hacker.

Formats for technologyEdit


n., Any comic that is published the web. Machinomics published to the web are both machinomics and webcomics, simultaneously. If variations of The Sims or its sequels is the primary source of stock imagery, then it's a Sims comic (see above.)


n., abbrev., DVD-Storybook Hybrid Webcomic. (see below)

DVD-Storybook Hybrid WebcomicEdit

Main article: DSHW

  1. n., A specific format for creating webcomics, in which the comic production will have story pages that navigate back and forth like storybook pages, but will have a main menu and various menu navigation systems that imitate the behavior of DVD menus.
  2. n., A website/webcomic that is made in a variation of said format.

Example: Ciem 3 is a DSHW. It is written in the DSHW format.


  1. n., An arbitrary standard, indicating a CD that serves the primary purpose of housing a website and its files to allow browsers to view web content even when offline.
  2. n., A data CD that is used for above-said arbitrary purposes.

Comic GenesisEdit

  1. n., An online webcomics provider.
  2. n., The online webcomic ratings system developed by said provider. It consists of the following ratings, considered almost universally accepted as the official standard for rating webcomic content: WEB-G, WEB-PG, WEB-14, WEB-MA, WEB-NC-17


n., abbrev., Dozerfleet Ratings System. The official standard for rating Dozerfleet Comics, which roughly coincides with the Comic Genesis Standard. Ratings include the following: 3-DOWN, 6-UP, ANY, 13-UP, 16-UP, ADU

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