Supreme General Bluque Rentin was around since Lubius became the first emperor after all the nations of Markerterion merged. Nobody can prove anything, but it is believed he may have wanted Lubius to die.

Some time after Alhox became the emperor, Bluque used his position to slowly advance his own goals of eventually becoming emperor. A serious injury left him confined to a bed, so he volunteered to become a Mechanical Pencil to regain his mobility. He is the top adviser to Alhox, and is responsible for Alhox granting him full control of the RMM in the Great War of Markerterion. He is charged with annexing the other worlds, and with making sure there are always at least a few fleets monitoring the Voyagers and their activities.


Mantithian form for General Bluque

He occasionally receives advice himself, from a mysterious Magi-like figure. That figure leaves no doubt that he has his own agenda; but never seems intent on revealing it. Yet, Bluque is desperate to gain the throne for himself one day.

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