Garett Nobee's Mantithian form in The Sims 3

Garret Nobee is one of the first Xyliens to enter into the Edge Skidder division right around the time that Mechies began to be regularly created. He is very caring for those he values, such as his pupil and surrogate daughter figure Katrina.

However, he hides behind a cold and manipulative act to appear less emotionally vulnerable to his would-be enemies. Like Katrina, his main job is to hunt down rogue Mechies and return them to storage. But also like Katrina, he has a passionate hatred for the atrocities committed by la-Qualda and will not hesitate to aid another division in delivering punishing amounts of gunfire on the enemy.

He isn't as fast nor as efficient a killer as Katrina, and has poorer luck dodging attacks. However, he is calculating. He takes fewer rounds to kill an enemy, as compensation for taking longer to kill as many. More disciplined as a spy, he also knows how to manipulate enemies to get information from them far more effectively than Katrina.

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