Derrick "Fuzzy" Malone is a supporting character in Kozerlen. Had the premise made it past pitching and been greenlit for production, Fuzzy would have been played by Kyle Mayer.

Character bio

Derick "Fuzzy" Malone is Jessie's best friend, and serves as her moral support. He pines for her affections as do Larry and Johnny; but she blows him off the least. She refuses to believe she is a widow just yet. For her sake, he is absolutely dedicated to helping her solve the mystery of Kozerlen. He is willing to put himself on the line for time and again, even earning her love after her husband dies for real. However, both of them realize by the time that happens that the quest to solve their mystery has proven all-consuming. Even if they marry, they realize their lives will never be normal. His willingness to be a martyr for her love has resulted in him crossing paths with not only the other two men out to get Jessie for themselves, but also with the untrusting Mindy and the frightful-yet-mysterious Corvin the Caller.

His character would have been fleshed out further, if not for the series' cancellation.


Not only was "Fuzzy" going to be a deuteragonist to assist Jessie in her quest, but was also going to allow Kyle to play a role in the fall 2009 TV Practicum class at Ferris State. This was partially so that Kyle wouldn't feel like chopped liver, since the pitch for Mackley's Wardrobe barely mentioned him having much of a role at all. In the end, Kyle turned down the role because he didn't want to play a "softie." He much preferred to play a bad guy. He got his wish when Kozerlen was abandoned.

Chris instead seized the creative reins, and changed the missing spouse plot to a missing twin plot. Zach Foster was chosen to play both "Twin Alive" and "Twin Missing," roles that were later fleshed out as Mark and Aaron Stefflin. Chris set up Chris Kennal as an alternate universe version of himself, one that could get away with murder if he so pleased. Kyle got the bad guy role he wanted, becoming Kyle Tugrass in a production that came to be called Blood Over Water. Cassie, who would have played Jessie Morcin, instead got the part of Monica Shelly.

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