Fricassee is an Aviatet scientist in the Stationery Voyagers "Night of the Whiteout" mini-series. He works for the field major Pavonan, and is fearful to ever defy an order given him.

Character inspirationEdit

He is a co-parody of both the Underworld character Singe and the Albino from The Princess Bride. His Singe spoof is shared with the Aviatet named Oobalid, who ends up being the captured Aviatet that is killed by Varikton upon learning that an alien Whiteout mastered in Mikloche is running loose in the under-dwellings.

Role in the storyEdit

Liquidon, after being captured, tries to negotiate with Fricassee to get the Aviatets to have pity on Cindy, given that she is intending to help them overthrow Varikton. Frisassee inquires as to why Liquidon is involved, and why the Voyagers are even on Mantith.

Liquidon accounts with him about the death of Astriliad, and the fact that, while he hasn't told the other Voyagers this, that Astrabolo's fury after Astriliad's death was one of the leading causes behind Bluque using piracy as an excuse to get Alhox's blessing for the Imperial War.

He continues to mention the Zebra Legend, perking Fricassee's interest. Fricassee explains that the reason he keeps chimpanzees is because he wanted to train them to serve as co-pilots for the Aviatets' future air force. This is a reference to the film Project X. Liquidon scoffs at the idea.

Before Cindy can find her way back to rescue Liquidon, Fricassee attaches him to a machine, built partially on information stolen from the Antian government, and uses his prototype neural probe to copy Liquidon's memories into a video signal, watching Liquidon's life story like a home video. He displays frustration that so few of Liquidon's memories are of any use to the Aviatets, but Liquidon chides him that he would have simply told him that, if given the option.

Cindy arrives and attempts a rescue. Liquidon, in exchange for their safety in escape, negotiates with Fricassee that if he allows for them to escape, and goes with them to the Great Tranceiver to gain control over Varikton's broadcasting capabilities, then they will help the Aviatets to gain an advantage over the Mosquatlons by exposing Varikton's centuries of political corruption and manipulation to the surface world. Fricassee agrees, noting that it will still be difficult to convince Pavonan that it is ever just to let a Mosquatlon like Cindy go free.

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