Flying Flamingo Casino: A Brophy / McNerney Hall Drama in Pictures is a presentation that was intended to be a test-run for Dozerfleet Studios, developed in October of 2006. It was uploaded on October 7th of that year to Facebook. Due to privacy issues, very little of it was published any place other than on Facebook.



Unlisted, performing at the Flying Flamingo event.

Most of the evening, the Dozerfleet founder wandered around the Brophy / McNerney Hall lobby with a FinePix 2560 camera, making sure the event had a photographer. Pictures taken were intended to be from dramatic angles, with the goal being to create the feeling of watching a TV drama.

While DSM Andrea Perkins and RA Amy Jarabek featured prominently, shots were often of random participants. One rule for most shots was that they were to be taken when the subject was unaware of the camera and not looking at it.

When Unlisted decided to perform for McNerney residents, the Dozerfleet founder got to meet the band members. That led to them receiving their own wiki article on DozerfleetWiki.

The Flying Flamingo event allows students an avenue to operate as if having an actual casino on campus. Other than a few donations in cash, students competed for prizes rather than for cash winnings.


While not many paid attention on Facebook to the end result, a few were slightly impressed by their portrayals in it. More photos would have been produced for the special, except the camera motor seized up and the interface melted. The camera was beyond repair. However, the XD card it used was still salvageable. The loss of this camera would lead to a later Christmas present: a Nikon P60 camera. Along with that came a free Epson Workforce printer.

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