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Amirah Rose had a horrible life growing up, though there were some who gave her a glimmer of hope. Bullied much of her life and abused by her father, Amirah learned quickly how to surround herself with the weak-minded that she could sway into doing her bidding. She learned leadership. Even so, she had a sense of "fair" play regarding those she attacked. Those who were significantly weaker and meant no harm, she was willing to let go - if they proved they wouldn't be a bother to her. Anyone who rubbed her the wrong way, however, she was tough on. She was bitter. VERY bitter. Then, the Great Marlquaan Storm of 2012 happened. She thought she was a Phexo, but learned later she was a Marlquaanite. When her father pushed her too far one day in 2015, her powers manifested and she burned her own house down. Her father was made a badly-burned quadripelegic. Her mother fled.

Amirah hated being seen as a monster, but felt she had no hope. She was taken to Madison Correctional in southern Indiana. She feared to tell the truth about her powers, for fear SCALLOP would dissect her. Yet, she became the target of abuse of Lonny Factor, a guard who was secretly aligned with the Hebbleskin Gang and also believed she was a Phexo. This only made her more aggressive, fearful, and controlling, and a bit of a bully.

Amirah formed her own gang inside Madison, yet realized her girls were weak and could not protect her from Factor. Then, a massive misunderstanding by Gerosha local law landed Candi Flippo in Madison. The two girls' egos butted heads at first, but Candi's knowledge of Zeran ways imbued on her by her godfather Imaki allowed her to instill in Amirah confidence that having herself transferred to a SCALLOP facility would lead to her getting the help she needed, and that she would not be dissected.

In spite not trusting Candi at first, both girls had to work together when Factor went rogue and tried to murder everyone at the facility - Amirah and Candi especially. Candi eventually got sentenced to spend 8 months in Madison because it was discovered that she failed to keep her possession of Zeran wardrobes a secret. Amirah was sent down to Houston to receive the help she needed from SCALLOP staff.

She would later be recruited as a mercenary to aid in missions against other dangerous Marlquaanites, in spite her being a juvenile. As "Flintirah," she would aid the Gray Champion and Mapacha in battling to protect Jonesboro from Brackett - after Brackett and Hibbins had destroyed Boston. Alas, she would get recruited to another special ops mission after that, and would not survive. Yet, for several months, she was able to befriend Miriam "Sniperbadger" Flippo after the latter was recruited by SCALLOP to take down several Critter Resistance hackers that had gone rogue.


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