Flamingo Entertainment is the alias of Dozerfleet Productions from August of 1996-August of 1997. This name would be replaced by Cormorant Entertainment, after Flamingo's logo was revealed to be too much of a cliché given the number of flamingos with sunglasses available as stickers.


The original Flamingo brand was inspired by a fiberglass flamingo statue that the Dozerfleet Founder had viewed on a hotel in Florida in the summer 1994. The DF's alias for the "Rainbow" creative writing curriculum being used at Holy Trinity Lutheran School of Wyoming, MI that year was "Flamingo White."


Before this, the DF's collection didn't have an official name. From 1993-1994, there was no name at all. All collected or drawn images or written stories were simply "a collection." The term "the collection" or "my collection" was used from 1994-1995.

Pre-Flamingo story ideas and comicsEdit

Much of what would define content of the Flamingo era of Dozerfleet history was content that was thought up from October 12th of 1994 to July of 1996, before the Flamingo name was officially adopted. Below is a list of these items:

1993 1994 1995

Flamingo Era ProgramsEdit

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