Filforth is an angel in the Stationery Voyagers universe, and is the second most well-known to the Voyagers after Levío.

Fictional history


Since the initial corruption of mankind in Dabor and Meelia's fall, Filforth has fought alongside Gabón and Levío, in spite them belonging to different classes, to ensure that the integrity of the universe and of mankind does not degenerate too quickly.

When the cities of Sodomor and Gomorria fell, Lafot and his family were protected from the militants outside their house by a Clarifer and a Conservor. The Conservor was the one the militants were the most obsessed with and was also the one who blinded them so they would stay away from the door.


Filforth is charged with protecting the Voyagers during their Mantithian campaign from the Mystery Wanderer's reverse-Eros gas spells and from the violence of GLAAAPC demonstrators aggravated by the Voyagers' refusal to adopt politically-correct beliefs. He has found his job being made difficult; as careless misuse of terminology and misunderstandings of hormones begin to abound. Social engineers on Mantith exploit their knowledge to seduce the public and create large communities of practicing homosexuals. Realizing that the Vile Chameleon now has one new avenue to take control over minds through sexual temptations, Filforth begins working overtime to counter-act the effects. However, Volition Dilemma kicks in right as the social engineers try to demand that there is no such thing as "choice" in the matter.

As a result, some of the pro-gay groups that emerged became bolder in their propaganda. In spite their rhetoric about built-in and in-grained "programming" in the brain, they jumped at the chance to make Stationery beings gay by cheating using a Drismabon spray on Oceanoe. The plan backfires when Filforth and the rest of the Angelic Army minimize the spray's influence on Oceanoe and allow the Voyagers to free their friend from the kidnappers.

Final Hope

While he never succumbs himself, Filforth sympathizes with belivers who are tempted to despair during the Final Hope timeline when Astrabolo ascends to the leadership of the GUG.

Personal attributes

Filforth is declared the Defender of the Natural Order and the Frustration of Abomination. He is known to be an aggressive defender of nature and natural order as well as a very protective guardian angel over the Voyagers.

He is also known to have a violent streak when dealing with unruly crowds of fanatical homosexual activists; at one point engulfing in flames a crowd of demonstrators' tracheae for threatening undue violence against the Voyagers. He has even on one occasion, with approval from Minshus, bashed in the heads of arrogant protesters who had threatened to rape him out of revenge. Of those men, he used their blood pools to write cryptic messages on the sidewalk as warnings to the living to abandon their evil hobbies.

He has appeared in humanoid form on several occasions, always wearing his battle armor suit. In spite his usually calm demeanor, he is extremely violent when provoked. Not knowing he was an angel, the panicked Illontin City police even tried unsuccessfully to arrest him for arson. His symbol is the Green Leaf-of-Promise, signifying that he is there to try to keep nature functioning on as routine a timetable as possible. He is close friends with Levío, whose job is to ensure that evil forces do not intervene with supernatural interference in the course of things. Filforth is considered one of the most frustrated of the angels, as even a single harmful genetic mutation is considered a case of Volition Dilemma overruling him. His armor color is an off-white green with dark green trims.


The name "Filforth" for the angel came from a misreading of a sign on the I-75 Northbound freeway in Kentucky in 2006. The sign was actually for the town of Frankfort, and stated that the exit to I-64 headed toward that city was nearby. However, this was read rapidly and hap-hazardously as "Filfort," and the idea sounded good as a name for an angel for Stationery Voyagers. Filforth was soon adopted into the canon.

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