Ferris State Live was a weekly documentary program that aired on Fox 32 News of Cadillac every Thursday at 10:30 PM as part of Fox's 10:00 News programming block. In January of 2010, its Fall 2009 volume of its 2009-2010 season wrapped up, leading to new episodes being scheduled to carry through the season to its finale in May of 2010 before beginning a season anew in fall of 2010. The Dozerfleet founder was one of many participants in the spring lineup's production team. The show itself was later replaced with Ferris Out Loud, which focused on making the hosts and backgrounds more entertaining, with a shorter intro.


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The Fall 2009 Advanced Class was rotated along a matrix of crew positions every week to produced a total of 27 episodes for the school year, but only produced 13 episodes for the fall semester. In spring of 2010, the latter 14 episodes were assigned to a new crew, with a new rotation matrix. Shows did not have episode titles per se, and were merely listed by numeric sequence and by production/air date.


Of all the ads that the spring crew was expected to produce, two of them were designed specifically to air on Fox 32: Gilberts' Carpets Plus of Big Rapids and the Ferris State Live Fox 32 Promo.

One of them was paid for by the school simply for the network to let viewers know about FSL being part of the news programming block on Fox. The other ad was paid by Gilberts' to Ferris so that they could get more noticed in the area. As part of that deal, Ferris got many of its flooring and furnishings from Gilberts'. Other furnishings were covered by Big Rapids Furniture, which donated them to help pay for broadcast time of their ads on the Ferris Access Channel as a part of the Ferris in Focus commercial break slots.

Appearances and crew

The show was hosted by Sandy Gholston, Leah Nixon, and Scott Roman in fall 2009 - spring of 2010. It's regular faculty staff consisted of Glen Okonoski, Clayton Rye, Fred Wyman, and Connie Morcom, although Debbie Carley managed records and helped coordinate distribution as well as Steve Cox. The show's technical engineer was Pat Tobin. All equipment was managed by Media Supply Staff, and all A-roll was shot in-studio on the Ferris State campus.


New special guests were invited each week to discuss that week's particular topics of interest. Guests for the first week's show included Paul Cicchini of WBRN News/Talk 1460 AM radio.


All members of the TVPR 499 class were instructed to rotate various positions of crew within the show's production, so that no one member did one task all the time.

Crew members in the spring of 2010 consisted of: Ben Wyman, David Stiefel, Dominique Gibbs, Eric Stacy, Frank Molner, the K.A., Lamarr English, Megan Barker, Nate Totten, Nick Blohm, Sara Tuttle, and Tabby Young. For personal reasons, Derek Rottman dropped the class and was not included. He originally made it a class of 13.



All shows were scheduled for production on Mondays throughout the Spring 2010 semester. Production occurred in the Interdisciplinary Resource Center (IRC) building's TV studio (IRC 153.) B-roll was shot wherever it was needed, to tie-in with commentary in the studio. Shots were made in 480i with widescreen deactivated, in a digital simulation of NTSC. Content was fed through Avid "mojo" devices to allow the signal to be redistributed both in digital air and cable as well as analog cable. Part of this had to do with the fact that a lot of studio equipment in the IRC control room was still NTSC-oriented analog equipment.


"Chimo" by New Day was used as the opening and closing theme for all episodes, though it was not credited.

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  Fall 2009 episodes  

  1. "The Outreach Bird is the Construction Word"
  2. "Fritz and the Footballs"
  3. "Hate Walls and Ballparks"
  4. "It's Just Lust, Jim"
  5. "Poor Homecoming"
  6. "Beating a Mildly Diverse Horse"
  7. "Hilly Wall of Famous Bulldog Kids"
  8. "Hillsdale Swallows a Pillbug"
  9. "Veterans, Loans, and Volleyball, Oh My!"
  10. "Mr. Mayor, the Pow Wow Has Breast Cancer"
  11. "Missionaries Should Counsel Hockey"
  12. "Socially Recycle This Turkey"
  13. "The Grinch Prefers MLK Day"

  Spring 2010 episodes  

14. "Diverse Sports and the Blasted Radio"
15. "Cautiously Optimistic Crow Hockey"
16. "Screened Festivities"
17. "Intelligence Optional"
18. "Woodycow Go"
19. "Torchy Seuss Killed the Gallery Star"
20. "Basket Campus Enforcement"
21. "Apart-Eyed Monologues"
22. "Keep Your Carbon Off My Footprint"
23. "Multicultural Honors Up the Gazoo"
24. "Golf Nutwork"
25. "Cloudy With a Chance of Diversity Dogma"
26. "Deadly Lakes and Softball Demons"
27. "125 Obsessions"

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