Farmington Hills Thrive Music Festival is a rock concert put on for the city of Farmington Hills annually. This article below documents the 2010 show, as captured to video in July by SWOCC Studios.


Angie Payne introduced viewers to the Thrive Festival groups that were set to appear that year. First up was Lisboa, a Detroit-originating band that got its start in 2004. Lisboa sang for an audience of almost nobody for about 20 minutes, then threw in the towel. They were followed by a ska band named "CBJ." After playing for an audience of almost nobody for almost 40 minutes straight, CBJ gave up and went home.

Akshaya Raghu introduced Part 2 of Thrive Fest, and implied that it'd be more interesting. Live the Dash opened part 2, with a flat microphone and an audience consisting only of their parents and siblings. The lead singer may have sounded worse on stage than Rebecca Black sounds in the studio, but her few fans flocked just to see her pretty face.

Live the Dash soon went home, humiliated that the event was so poorly marketed and had such a horrible turnout. They were replaced on stage with D'Nay, a Rhianna sound-alike who was determined not to let the nonexistent audience ruin her high-spirits. Her duet partner sounded like a cross between Jay-Z and Eminem, but with the zing of neither.

After all those bands left, The Product finished things off. Yet, even their skill (and Wikipedia clout) wasn't enough to draw an audience.


The intern trio followed Jacob Nothstine into an under-construction ice rink with no ice. A crude stage had been built there, so that bands could perform. Only a very small amount of chairs were provided for the event; but it didn't matter because the huge audience promised never showed up. It was believed at one point that one of the bands set to perform didn't show up either. Someone had tipped them off that nobody would be there.

As the intern trio stood in the muggy heat and ear-piercing noise and gave the bands brave enough to show up some small lending of reward for their effort, Jacob commented: "If future Thrive Fests turn out like this; we're demoting it to a Special Event at best. And at worst, we won't cover it at all."

Sure enough, a ton more bands were set to appear that didn't.

Bands that didn't appear in video

  • Blacklist
  • This Last Breath
  • Osmus
  • Annadelle
  • Undivided
  • The Fall Farewell
  • Last Action Hero
  • By All Means Captain
  • Broken Day Machine
  • Gun Shy
  • Two Flights Up
  • Bloomhill
  • Strangeling
  • Sound of Reign
  • Omni
  • Reborn.NsF
  • Intensiosity
  • Chad Golda
  • The Moment
  • A Firefight in Kansas
  • Pselsus
  • Stimulant 22
  • Testament of Apollo
  • Shakespeare's Dead
  • Kathryn Tapper
  • Recycle the Soul
  • Priests of Hiroshima

SoaT rating

Based on a variety of unknown factors, an actual estimate could not be made. However, the scenario average is stated below.

SoaT Index Rating
SoaT 12%

According to these figures, the event wasn't a total waste of money. However, if it does not return in future years due to low popularity, it is not too likely to be missed.

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