"Missionaries Should Counsel Hockey" is an episode of Ferris State Live produced by the fall 2009 TVPR 499 class at Ferris State University. Produced on November 23rd and aired on November 26th of 2009, it is the eleventh show of the 2009-2010 season.


His House goes to Mexico

Mitch Robey, the His House minister for Ferris State, came on to talk about how some volunteer students from the ministry planned to go to Juarez and help Mexicans build real houses to live in. Apparently, many residents in Juarez were living in tents made out of cardboard boxes, papier-mâché and old newspapers. Other students in the past had built homes in Juarez before, and reported how rewarding it felt to know that they got to build a house. And didn't have to join a union or go to school for umpteen hundred years to get XYZ federally-recognized permit to authorize PCQ aspect of house building. The all-devouring Washington Regulation Machine doesn't factor in Mexico, apparently.

The first year, 14 students went down. That number grew to 58 at one point. Students often worked themselves to the bone, and were exhausted upon returning to school.

Need counseling yet?

Chris Richmond came on to discuss the counseling center. They offer group as well as individual forms of counseling.

Counseling services covers incidents of many things including the following:

  • Emotional issues
  • Mental health issues
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • etc.

Uninspired hockey

"The hockey team's doing well right now," commented Sandy in so many words and more. Scott found it worth noting that there weren't as many penalties being called as in previous years. They celebrated Brutus, the Bulldog mascot, turning 30. Men's basketball was struggling a little. With almost literally nothing else upon which to report, Scott and Sandy turned their attention to a local area food drive that was being put on by Student Government. A flyer urged viewers to contact Liz Cottrel about it.

There was also some mention of musical concerts and veteran memorial events happening in town.

External links

  • Ferris Counseling Center phone number: (231)-591-5968
  • Counseling Center page at Ferris official website
  • Ferris Student Government Office: (231)-591-2611

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