"Mr. Mayor, the Pow Wow Has Breast Cancer" is an episode of Ferris State Live produced by the fall 2009 TVPR 499 class at Ferris State University. Produced on November 16th and aired on November 19th of 2009, it is the tenth show of the 2009-2010 season.


Mr. Mayor

Big Rapids Mayor Mark Warba took some time away from his normal routine to come on the show. Leah asked the mayor: "If Woody had to start Ferris all over again, would he choose to do it in Big Rapids?" Warba's reply was: "Of course he would. Because the city likes that there school. They's practically one and the same anyway, am I right?"

Leah chimed in: "There's lots of volunteer work to be had."

Shameless plugs for Dump-and-Run and Festival of the Arts were inserted. The mayor then said: "Thanks all you kids for getting me reelected. Now if only I could get you on my board."

He went on to compliment local law enforcement for being so big in number and so efficient at squashing out the various drunks and vandals that plague Big Rapids.

RLSW, as if anyone cares

Susan Hastings-Bishop came on to ramble about how "good for the community" her RLSW was, looking half-asleep the entire time. Leah was either interested, or seriously pretending to be.

"We do sports. We do this. We do that. We're important. We're good for the community," Susan insisted.

"You're good for the community," Leah parroted.

"We do stuff in Kentwood and Grand Rapids too," Susan expanded.

"We live on a peninsula," Scott chimed in.

"We service parks. And someone had to make parks. Yup. Someone had to make parks," was Susan's reply.

The usual topics

Scott: "It's getting cold outside. And the mayor got re-elected."
Sandy: "Diversity...diversity...diversity...Hispanic Month..."

A clip of the event showed a lady wearing a silly-looking dress to get Hispanic students "totally in the mood."

A pow wow followed, regardless of whether or not that made any sense.

Scott then wanted to talk about Breast Cancer Awareness Month. After briefly touching on that, they discussed a theater production that can't be discussed here because the Dozerfleet copy of the video file was corrupted. They finished by saying: "Hockey did well in southern Ohio."

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