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"Exposition" is the eighth episode of season 4 of Stationery Voyagers and the 61st episode overall.


Alhox and company make their way towards Mantith as fast as they can get there; estimating they can make the trip in just under one day once they determine where to land. They successfully establish contact with the Kennaldy Center, are receive instructions. Alhox shares with everyone he can his story of his rise to and fall from power. Meanwhile, Pextel and the gang find themselves on the run throughout Alhox's former capital. The Mystery Wanderer transforms into a Drismabon before their eyes, revealing that he was Melchar all along. When their determination proves too great; he tells them that it doesn't matter that they got away: he'll destroy Mantith and them with it! Melchar returns to his throne, explaining to Develiot what will happen next. Pextel mourns his failures; but Rhodney reaffirms Pextel's leadership. Erasaxo reminds them that they are needed back on Mantith.


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