Multiple changes have occurred throughout the storytelling of Ciem, ranging everything from Candi's complexion to the names of various Meethlites to the origins of her relationships with Denny and Donte. Musaran, originally called "L1 the Llama," was another character that changed significantly from his initial incarnation.

Differences in the three versionsEdit

Candi's skintoneEdit

The original 2005 story featured a much paler-skinned Candi that did not look ethnically like she should have looked. The original look for Candi was that of a Caucasian woman. This is due to the fact that she was not directly created by the Dozerfleet founder in 2005, but by the Sims 2 base game. Her genetics were a random combination of Stan and Shalia's, as the game saw fit.

Candi was designed to be light brown in the 2006 version, but various lighting conditions in Nightlife made her appear to be white, when she was supposed to be a fair amount darker. In the 2007 version, especially with Seasons installed, she was given a custom default replacement for the medium brown in-game skintone.

Candi's sisters were based loosely on the same template that was used for Candi herself, as is the case with her brothers. The game recognizes order of childbirth for Shalia's children via SimPE being used to edit the neighborhood and change family ties.

Gunner and SkelligEdit

Gunner and Skellig got to feature in the 2006 version, but were not present in the 2005 version. This is because the first chapter begins with Candi in the safety and protection of the McAuley family, whereas Candi does not seek help from Tracy in the 2006 and 2007 versions until chapter 6. In the 2006 version, Skellig was referred to as "Sleshing" randomly. The name change was due to the fact that the data was initially buried on a CD as to his original name. Gunner's name was easily remembered, but Sleshing was forgotten. The term "Skellig" for the character's name is inspired by that being the name of a song on The Celtic Circle, a 2-disc compilation of folk and pop Irish tunes performed by various artists. Skellig the Meethlite does not, however, get his name from the titular character of David Almond's book.

The Hazy Eighty'sEdit

The 2006 version of Ciem is the first to feature the Hazy Eighty's Bowling Alley. While it was never referred to by name, the bowling alley did exist. However, it had a very different design in the 2006 version from its 2007 counterpart and did not feature a Grillitan Diner. Cladeus Hutchins was never identified as Candi's original boss before Victor Nanale's takeover; and Candi is able to quit her job before the building is torn down. RAM issues with the laptop forced the Seasons version of the alley to have to be torn down after use, hence Candi finding the entire area bulldozed in chapter 16 of the 2007 version.

Candi's fake glassesEdit

Candi did not ever wear fake glasses in an attempt to conceal her identity in the original 2005 version of the story. Instead, she married Denny very quickly after Erin's death and relied on Denny's scientific genius to keep her concealed. Her marriage to Denny and everything else was quite deliberate, as was their first child Angie. By the 2006 version, there is a show of build up to Candi choosing to marry Denny. She initially hesitates, as it was decided by 2006 that Donte was always known by Candi as Emeraldon and that he knew Candi first. Candi was in a love triangle in the 2006 version, and a night of carelessness with Denny led to an unwanted pregnancy that led to Candi's choosing to marry Denny to cover up the pregnancy.

Due to this, there is a time after Candi moves to Viron that she tries to obscure her identity to protect herself from the Meethlites. She tries to assume the false last name of "Stevens" and hide behind false glasses to conceal herself. The idea of using the glasses, while shorter-lived in the 2007 version, nevertheless carried over.

Candi's hospitalizationEdit

In the 2005 version, due to uncertainty about whether or not to bother with showing Candi in the hospital, it was decided that Candi would not even bother going to the hospital. Instead, Candi wears one of her disguises out in public after fleeing from Musaran. She gives birth in an alleyway, and witnesses Angie die. She is forced to abandon the nearly still-born and traumatized child in a dumpster, and makes her way to a place where she can find help. However, she is mistaken for a prostitute and is sent to jail. The following morning, her godfather Imaki Izuki gets her out of prison after clearing her with the authorities. Candi gets a new condo and begins training. Imaki meets Candi in the park and dies of a heart attack.

Candi has no such chance to know Imaki intimately in either of the other versions. In the 2006 version, Candi has a psychic link with Angie's soul and knows Angie's intentions even though Angie is physically not old enough to express them intelligently. Candi gives birth to Angie in the downtown Dirbine hospital and then slips into a coma. Imaki hides Candi's seemingly lifeless body in a coffin, and then takes care of the dead baby himself. Candi wakes up naked in the coffin in an abandoned cabin that is sinking into a bog. She finds a video in which Imaki tells her everything, but states that if she is viewing the video, then he is probably dead. Candi then leaves the cabin after dyeing her hair and gathering some clothes to wear. She sets out to become Ciem.

In 2007's version, Candi witnesses Imaki's death in the hospital from a heart attack. Her brother Tom returns from hiding and helps Candi find her way to Imaki's fortune. Tom then disappears again, and Candi becomes Ciem. In this version, it is explained that Angie stole the curse that Kimiyato had placed on Candi in order to free Candi forever from it. In the process, Angie's small mind was overwhelmed by Kim's evil, and Angie sacrificed her life by shorting out her own brain. Because of this, Kimiyato returns in Ciem 3, thirsty for revenge.

Life with ErinEdit

The 2006 version was also the first one to show Candi's life with Erin before moving away to Viron. As stated above, the 2005 version begins chapter 1 where the other two begin chapter 6.


Musaran was not the villain in 2006, but Jeraime was known as "L1 the Llama." The llama mascot suit from the base game was originally the source of the AI mind control the Meethlites had placed on Jeraime. However, it was later decided that Jeraime in that suit did not look like a menacing enough villain. Therefore, his suit was made metallic in the 2006 version. This version was lost when the files were transferred from a Hewlett Packard desktop PC to a Dell laptop.

Therefore, since the villain could not be reproduced, the entire concept of the villain was recreated. Musaran was intended to be a shrew, so the emphasis became to capture the natural animosity between centipedes and shrews. The llama suit was not intimidating enough or convincing enough for the type of villain. either. The costume redesign lead to a downloading of BrassTech's Mecha Warrior Suit from ModTheSims2, which would be repainted to look like shrew fur. The helmet for Musaran would actually be a combination of a repainted Magneto helmet with facepaint that was modeled after a shrew face. Critics would argue that the helmet looked like "Chewbacca."

Candi's sexual exploitsEdit

In the 2005 version, Candi had no trouble saving herself for marriage to Denny. As the backstory of Candi's grandparents would become more developed though, her grandfather Dwayne Lloyd was revealed to have a very dark side to his character that included a predatory sexual appetite. As part of the family curse, the Flippo children were very prone to sexual temptation and a constant desire to be with their sweethearts at the very moment that their hormones urged, with little regard for self-restraint. This did not square with Candi's behavior in the 2005 version, however.

Therefore, in later versions, Candi has some difficulty controlling her sexual conduct. In the 2006 version, she agrees to marry Denny only after they've had sex. She agonizes with herself over her inability to wait, though her reasons for having such a strong appetite are not revealed beyond her being bitter with being mistreated at church by the elderly women. The woman most responsible for Candi enduring this suffering is later revealed in the 2007 version to be Nolle, but none of the women are referred to by name in the 2006 version.

In the 2007 version, Candi agrees to marry Denny lest they end up having sex beforehand, since her desire is clearly there. She does, however, fantasize about Denny and herself being in sexual situations. The breakdown Candi has with Denny in the 2006 version is saved for her and Donte in the 2009 version of Ciem 2.

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