Ellis the Alien is a green-skinned, black-beady-eyed, wisecracking, loud-mouthed space alien from the Trapezoid Kids spin-off LWW Ritzed, which parodies CS Lewis' Narnia series. He joins the children in Narnia, and gets elected to president after the kids leave. He is later cryogenically frozen and re-joins the kids to save Caspian.


The idea to create Ellis for the spoof came from the stage play version of LWW, performed at the Dozerfleet founder's high school in 1999. Ellis was originally a doodle in the school yearbook, changing the lines from the play to read: "Sons of Adam, Daughters of Eve, and one dude we just can't figure out!" Ellis would make several appearances throughout the yearbook in places both appropriate and otherwise.

The same play that inspired the creation of Ellis and an apocryphal character also introduced the idea of Peter accidentally breaking his sword, and being subsequently taunted by the wolf over having done so. This is in keeping with an actual improvisation that occurred during the stage performance, when the wooden sword snapped in two and the actor playing Peter had to use the "remains" to kill the wolf. The actor playing Aslan commented: "You've forgotten to wipe what is left of your sword," which was met with significant laughter from the audience.

The performance was on a Friday evening. The following Saturday, the sword had been duct-taped together, and all references to the Friday evening incident were disregarded.

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