Eliot Michael Brownside has seen the better part of a century come and go. He was there when Hiltner dropped bombs on Braldon; and he was there when Isnael became a separate nation.


Eliot, as he appears in The Sims 3

He even got to see the Manxists destroy most of Russalia in their revolution. He grew tired of his time in the military, and retired to serve as a butler to the Lomken estate. He took his master's death pretty hard, especially when he knew that the dastardly Ivan Witherpool was behind it all. He also knew of Gordon's desires to get in touch with a Creation-friendly institute in Austrania, with an Antian division being started by a young Cal Bacon. With Gordon's backing, Cal's dream of a museum was sure to come to fruition before the century had turned.

The Braldonian House of Lords realized they could not let that happen. They sent several assassins to kill Mitchell and Eliot, and destroy Gordon's life's work; but to little avail. Some of the works survived, as did the two refugees. Mitchell needed some motivation to get started on his quest; which Eliot was more than eager to provide. Alas, Eliot is old and tired and he wants Mitchell to eventually be able to carry on without him.

Those plans may grow complicated, however, if the prophecy comes true about Stationeries visiting Mantith. Things for Eliot are about to get a lot more complicated.

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