The Dozerfleet Complete Project Catalog is the official catalog system of the history of Dozerfleet projects at any time from 1993-present.

The catalog is stored on Dozerfleet Main as a Microsoft Access database. On this wiki, the catalog is divided into subcatalogs by decade.



The Dozerfleet 1990s Project Catalog details those 29+/- projects that occurred in the formative years of 1993-1999. All of these occurred before the brand was identified by its current "Dozerfleet" brand name. It ends in the beginning of the Dozerfleet founder's sophomore year of high school, beginning with the spring of 1993 when he left 3rd grade. During this time, there was a huge shift away from typewriters and sketched drawings to digital media.


The Dozerfleet 2000s Project Catalog discusses the Dozerfleet founder's college career, as well as every event that led up to the present day. The evolution of Cormorant into Dozerfleet is documented, as well as the origins of what would become Dozerfleet Labs. The Gerosha Chronicles was first founded in this time period, as well as Stationery Voyagers, as series ideas. There were numerous other projects, many of them shelved, first inceived in this decade. It was also the first decade in which Dozerfleet Studios creations began to feature prominently.

In this era, Dozerfleet Records was first defined as a division separate from the others, and some clarity was assigned to the roles between Dozerfleet Literature and Dozerfleet Comics. The Every Ape and His Brother collection was first given its current name.

This era also beget DozerfleetWiki in 2007, and The Dozerfleet Forum in 2008. Two newsletters, Yo-Splaz! and Dolphinformia, ended their circulations in this decade. They were forerunners of what would become The Dozerfleet Blog. DzMD began in 2005. The Dozerfleet founder attended three different schools in this time period: Holt Lutheran High School, Lansing Community College, and Ferris State University.

In cooperation with the Ferris Access Channel, Dozerfleet Studios released the miniseries Blood Over Water online in 2009. It would only just barely miss its deadline for broadcast a year later.

The New TensEdit

The Dozerfleet 2010s Project Catalog hallmarks the advancement of Dozerfleet into the second decade of the 21st century. The world became a very different place. Dozerfleet had its identity fixed in 2006, and would continue from there. Utterly Sims got its official name, but was then discontinued out of protest due to EA Games insulting traditional marriage and also endorsing Crooked Pseudomarriage. The Dozerfleet Blog came to form officially in this era. The Dozerfleet Forum was merged with the Wiki, which moved from Wiki-Site to Wikia. It was later revived as Dozerfleet Machinomic Downloadables, or "DzMD," on Tumblr in 2014.

The Ferris and SWOCC invasions defined 2010, as well as a reinvention of The Gerosha Chronicles around Comprehensive Gerosha. Production of most projects was halted by July of 2012, so that Dozerfleet's Web Network could be updated for the era of smartphones and iPads. While the Wiki is limited in this respect, the Blog and Official Website have plenty of options for mobile optimization. New graphics standards were adopted in 2012, allowing for simplified SVG graphics that can be sharp at almost any size. UI standards for Dozerfleet have since become a hybrid in design school of the Macintosh family of photorealism and the Windows 8 "Metro" look.

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