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This page discusses various templates found on this site.

Progress barsEdit


The wiki has progress bars, such as this one:

{{Progressbar |height=16px |width=45%}}

Which will render like this:

It can be used to show popularity, project completion, or a variety of other factors that only require simple functionality.


If graphing more complex issues, such as the multi-party results of a general election, a more multi-colored and advanced bar system comes in handy. This one:

'''Election graph'''

'''Democrat''' - 48.5%, '''Green''' - 1%, '''Libertarian''' - 1.4%, '''Constitution''' - 0.2%, '''Republican''' - 48.9%

{{Progressbar advanced
|content={{Progressbaradvanced content
}}{{Progressbaradvanced content
|width=1%}}{{Progressbaradvanced content
|width=1.4%}}{{Progressbaradvanced content
|width=0.2%}}{{Progressbaradvanced content

Will render like this:

Election graph

Democrat - 48.5%, Green - 1%, Libertarian - 1.4%, Constitution - 0.2%, Republican - 48.9%

While countless applications may exist, such bars are generally used on this wiki to document elections, such as the elections in 2012.


Not all projects within Dozerfleet manage to get the attention they deserve right away. Sometimes, a concept is just too good to be done on the cheap, or maybe other ideas simply get in the way. Either way, projects that are "shelved" are projects that may still be given justice some day, but are not immediate priorities. When a project does manage to cease being on the shelf, it may be produced, or it may be canceled if too much time goes by and all parties involved lose interest. The shelved projects page contains a list of these unfortunate programs that are not immediately going to be made, for whatever reason.
Libraryshelf The following project has been shelved. It may or may not get a future release. Stay tuned.
This notice should appear on all shelved project pages.


Whether describing a comic character, character specific to a show or film, a show or film itself, someone real, a company, a division, or more; Dozerfleet's got infoboxes to cover those. Most infoboxes on this site were based on their Wikipedia equivalents in 2008, but are either revised or undergoing revision to current Wikia standards for portable infoboxes.

To find a particular infobox, please see this page.

Other boxesEdit

There are other types of boxes on this site.

Sandbox: The sandbox is a place to play around and experiment with ideas, before creating actual templates with it. It is similar to the one at Wikipedia. Navigation boxes: More advanced works , such as Stationery Voyagers, may come with their own navigation boxes, to make themes more accessible to readers. The following shows an example:
Stationery Voyagers
Chronology Stationery VoyagersCaloric AttitudesFinal Hope
Concepts CharactersOrganizationsMythologyLocationsShips
Production Seasons and EpisodesModelsSimvatars

Future noteEdit

When dealing with works that have a future completion date, this template should be applied.

When {{Futurenote}} is rendered on a page, it will look like this:

Futureclock This project will not be completed until sometime in the near-future.


Use of the {{Unfinished}} tag is to indicate that an article needs attention, and has little or no actual content.

When a page is flagged as "Unfinished," the following notice appears:

(This section is incomplete or pending.)

Song noteEdit

When creating displays of song lyrics on this wiki, a notice usually follows the given song using this template:


It will render as:
* * *The following is a list of lyrics to a song. * * *

Song tablesEdit

Song tables are not an actual template; they're just tables of a special CSS class.

To make a song table for displaying lyrics, simply type the following:

{| class="dzsongtable" style="margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto;"
| style="text-align:center;" | Hello, friend! /<br>
You've been so gone.../<br>

And you will get this as a result:

Hello, friend! /

You've been so gone... /

Note: The {{Songnote}} template should not be used if the song table is used for a poem. It should only be used to indicate a song.

* * *The following is a list of lyrics to a song. * * *
A poem need not;

A notice have.

Needs not a poem;
A notice brave.

But a song /
On the other hand! /

Outta have a mark! /

In case visitors are curious, this design was inspired by the tables at LyricWiki.

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