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Utterly SimsEdit

This section of the wiki deals specifically with helping out viewers with issues pertaining to their games within The Sims series, as well as Dozerfleet-authorized downloads of contents for the games.

In this section, topics are covered which are valid but which were ultimately rejected for inclusion on SimsWiki due in large part to creative differences over naming conventions.

Please note, this is NOT the place to find myths and unfounded rumors. However, provable glitches, their causes, and solutions are welcome. If you knew all along what you were talking about, but SimsWiki felt your submission was too rare or too strange, then it may be here.

Please message IvanRider if you have questions.

Samples of content include the following uncanny knowledge:

BI-SWILSTNFLCondition and Bug DictionarySims Not Acting Age-Appropriatelyand more!

Note: The Sims franchise is ™ and © Electronic Arts. Dozerfleet is not affiliated with EA.

DVD-Storybook Hybrid Webcomic FormatEdit

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The term "DVD-Storybook Hybrid Webcomic" was coined by Dozerfleet to describe a particular type of webcomic format. You can read more about it on this wiki. It was first created to support machinomics, which are comics made with video game screenshots.


Vintage These are the works which pre-date 2002. Most of them are canceled projects, but some were actually completed. While the idea to make a regular collection did not arrive until October 12th of 1994, there were cartoon strips made in 1993. Works that go back to the Cormorant era (any time before 2006,) but which were made/proposed before 2002, also qualify as vintage. Works proposed during this period which have a more recent Dozerfleet-era incarnation in progress, independent of any vintage period continuity, do not count as vintage.
True Vintage


Note: On this wiki only, #675621 hex color is identified as "rootbeer." To set this background, simply indicate a table cell as being class="rootbeer".

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