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Dominique Gibbs was a student that was in some classes with the Dozerfleet founder at Ferris State University, in the Television and Digital Media Production program. In addition to attending Ferris; Dom became an intern at Four-Sixteen, a production company in the great Chicago area.

She was with the Dozerfleet founder in four classes: Advanced Production, Seminar, Instructional Design, and Audio Production.



Status: Completed
Project Type: Tutorial
Position: Producer
Client(s): Ferris State Dental Program


Status: Completed
Project Type: Magazine show


Client(s): Ferris Access Channel


Status: Completed
Project Type: Talk Show
Season: 2009-2010
Semester: Spring

Client(s): Ferris Access Channel




In this photo: Dom and Maya try to decide what they're gonna do next. (Scene a loose reconstruction of actual events, made with The Sims 3.)


In this photo: Maya trying to anticipate what will happen next on the set of Ferris State Live. (Scene a loose reconstruction of actual events.)

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FerrisGoldFlame Ferris State Alumni

Fall 2009

Spring 2010

Fall 2010 or later

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