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"Distressed" is the fifteenth episode of Stationery Voyagers. In this episode, the Voyagers begin to realize that they have become a sort of family for one another, and then work together as a team. Cybomec and Nonpriel up their efforts to capture the Voyagers, and a distress signal from an unknown sender warns of trouble ahead.


Pinkella picks up an indiscernible signal from inside the Bindaf 3000. Upon Erasaxo's suggestion, she takes her findings to the Rilage Space Center for interpretation. The other Voyagers take a brief break from running away from Cybomec, but soon find themselves in a cat-and-mouse game against Captain Nonpriel.

Pextel soon strategizes a way for his team to defeat Nonpriel in a fight, allowing the Voyagers a greater chance to escape. When the plan succeeds, Rhodney declares that Pextel has truly earned the right to be the Bindaf 3000's captain.

When the Voyagers return to their ship, Pinkella greets them and treats Marlack's wounds. In spite Neone wishing to apologize to Marlack, Pextel insists she wait until later, and sends her and Oceanoe into the Rilage snack room. Rilage personnel are about to translate Pinkella's cryptic message, when their control room goes dead. Cybomec attacks and starts killing everyone inside the Rilage control room, and prepares to force the Voyagers to confront him.


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