"Die Die Die!!!" is a song off of the Every Ape and His Brother album Elefante Elegante Interesante Importante, and is a parody of "Bye Bye Bye" off of the 'N Sync album No Strings Attached.


"Die Die Die!!!" is the final song off of the album Elefante Elegante Interesante Importante. It hallmarks the end of a long and very gruesome road to defining the early vision of Every Ape. The future could consist of anything, but the bloodfest of the past is made complete by this song.

The whole rationale behind the song is the simple fact that the hint of anger in "Bye Bye Bye" and the fact that "bye" and "die" rhyme owe themselves to a parody. In addition, the song serves as a sequel bringing closure to the open-ended "Slaughterized," where the evil female hairstylist has gotten away with murder. In a twisted sense, justice has caught up with her in this tale. As for her butcher, his fate remains unknown after the song. Because it is obvious that he took a beating from her, chances are that he may not have survived for long after his victory. The song takes that standpoint that his fate is irrelevant, so long as the evil hairstylist is met with the fate she deserves.

The song was planned since the year 2000, but the lyrics were not written until the afternoon of August 1st of 2008. At 10:13 AM EDT on August 2nd of 2008, "Die Die Die!!!" was submitted to AmIRight for evaluation.


The evil hairstylist from "Slaughterized" is back! But this time, her new man refuses to be a victim! As the egos of two Titans clash, one will be left standing and the other will be lunch for the birds!


* * *The following is a list of lyrics to a song. * * *
"Die Die Die!!!"

[Instrumental intro]

Lyrical introEdit

Hey you! /
Die die die! /
(Die die!) x 4 /

Verse OneEdit

You / argue with all / your might! /
That / you're the one / to win this fight! /

You'll / take out my / eyesight! /
I've / heard that before! /

I / helped you with / chemistry! /
Death threats / are how you've / repaid me! /
So, / now I've had enough; / of your / depravity! /

I / won't stomach you / anymore! /
Nor your / evil eye! /

Your / blood will be / all over / the floor! /
Baby, / DIE DIE DIE! /

(DIE DIE!) /

First ChorusEdit

Won't be / the next victim / for you! /
I'd prefer / to think that / I can / run you through! /

So what / you hate me? / No more Real Nice Guy! /
Baby / die die die!!! /

(Die die!!!)

Dragged me / deep into the / mud enough! /
Now I'll / make my comeback / and I'll / strut my stuff! /

Time for payback, / gonna / make you cry! /
Then you'll / die die die!!! /

Verse TwoEdit

You / knocked out my / front tooth! /
I'll, / crush you under / a phone booth! /
So, / hold still or / I'll make it; /
Hurt / even more!!! /

I / wished a / helpful soul to / be! /
But, / you were only using me! /
And, / then you thought / you'd off me; / I'd be gone! /

I / won't take your / crap anymore! /
Nor your / evil eye! /
One / move and you'll be / blood and gore! /
Baby / die die die!!! /
(Die Die!) /

[Repeat Chorus]


(Die Die!!!)

I'm gonna / have the winning score!/
I'm not / gonna be / the target of you / anymore! /

Die Die!!! /

I'm cuttin' loose / and actin' rough! /
And I ain't / gonna rest this time / until I know / you're snuffed! /

Verse ThreeEdit

Don't mistake me / for a fool! /
Now the jokes on you! /
Now I'm / kick... / ing... / your... / behind! /

(Die die die!!!) /

So you / like to / play it rough? /
Haven't / had enough? /
Time to / mince... / meat.../ you! / Die die!!! /

Second ChorusEdit

No one else / will be / preyed on by you! /
Face it, / evil Missy, / now you're really through! /

Never / cool! /
But now / you... / will... / fry!/
Once you die die die!!! /

(Die die!!!) /

And now / we're both / playing really rough! /
Oops! / There goes your head / and now / I guess you're snuffed! /

It makes me happy! / Joyful till I cry! /
Die die die!!! /

(Die Die!!!) /

Lyrics © 2008 Dozerfleet Records.

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