Dereck Tumbine / "The Reward" is a very minor character that would have made a cameo appearance at the end of Volkonir. He is a college student who has often had a crush on Cassie Helm, and longs to be with her. However, Cassie doesn't realize this.

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Little is known about Dereck, other than that he likes Cassie and wants to be her boyfriend. While she doesn't know about him at first, Prince Volkonir convinces Dereck to strike up the nerve to visit Cassie at her dorm and win over her affections. This ends up being the "reward" that Volkonir promised to Cassie, out of gratitude for her having freed him from the spell that trapped him in a a stuffed toy for about 400 years.


Dereck is shy and nervous, yet remains optimistic. It's implied this optimism is rewarded in the end by Cassie accepting him as Volkonir's "reward" to her. Little else is revealed about him.


The slot for Dereck was originally to be portrayed by Ferris State student Jacob Hardy. However, when all the cast ditched the project for various reasons, the 2008 short film version of Volkonir as canceled.

The prequel Volkonir Journals: Attempt #43 was made in its place; featuring the same actress who portrayed Katie Averes in The Blue Face Film Strips. This prequel bridged the two worlds together, allowing Volkonir and Marzwhatti to exist in the same universe.

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