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"Crepuscular" is the seventeenth episode of season 3 of Stationery Voyagers, and 50th episode overall. Part of its plot is intended to be a parody of Twilight, with the guest-appearing evil minion Mosquatlon Nikolai Ripilski being modeled specifically after James. The Bella counterpart, Joli Perruche, is dating Frederick Powderkov, a pastiche of Edward and Napoleon Dynamite. However, it's Alaina that ends up being chased by the villains.



Nikolai nearly catches up to Alaina


Cindy battles Nikolai.

Marlack and Neone are shocked to find that Alaina has made her way to Bulgadia so she could be with them. She decides to spend some time as an exchange student, attending high school along with a short girl named Joli Perruche who is also new.

In spite Joli's advice, Alaina ventures out into the forest to explore what sounds like an explosion that occurred underground. Before too long, Alaina spies out the entire evil plans of Varikton and his forces. She begins to connect the dots on what Liquidon had told her about Mosquatlons, concluding that she's found one of their hideouts!

She rushes to the surface; but it's nearly dusk! Kevin Hornter and Varikton are immediately made aware of the fact that a human spy has discovered an entrance to their world, and they send Nikolai Ripilski to chase her down.

Liquidon passes out during a meeting and is rushed to the hospital. It doesn't take him long to discover that Sylvia is being kept there. He immediately gets a hold of Cindy, and the two sisters are reunited after years of separation. Alaina is able to contact Viola in the hospital about Nikolai from a payphone on the street, so Cindy offers to rescue Alaina while Liquidon recovers. A battle soon ensues in a storage facility between Nikolai and Cindy; with Alaina's fate in the balance.


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