The following article is about a city in the Gerosha Prime version of The Battle for Gerosha. For other versions, see Craterville (disambiguation).

Craterville, Indiana is a city located somewhere in southern Indiana in The Gerosha Chronicles of Dozerfleet Comics. It is exclusive to Gerosha Prime, and is the precursor city to Gerosha as defined in the 2005 version of Ciem and at the tail end of the 2005 version of The Battle for Gerosha.


Craterville was the decadent town that Shalia Flippo's unnamed father originated from, according to the Gerosha Prime narrative.

It wasn't actually a crater, but got its name due to a crime wave in its past that led to a lot of damage. Some remarked that, given how long it took to clean up a part of the town, it may has well have been a crater. In the 1950s, it was overtaken by the Hebbleskin Gang. Due to the massive amounts of crime and corruption that went on, the city of Craterville soon turned on itself and was described as "a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah, just with fewer homosexuals and a lot more gun violence" by Marissa Hood, Shalia's mother.

Craterville, true to its name, became a hopeless wasteland and a ghost town, during what became known as the "Battle for Gerosha." Stan and Shalia Flippo helped establish Gerosha as "a place which will build upon the ashes of the former." They were among the survivors, along with their friends Lionel and Trina Sanchez. They envisioned Gerosha as an Americana town of God, country, and prosperity. However, they were not prepared for the relentless siege on the town's values in successive years by demon-controlled enemies of all three of those values. At the peak of its being controlled by the Hebbleskins, Craterville became a near-lawless anarcho-tyranny; one where evil reigned supreme and where the virtuous were driven underground to live like rats. Franklin Smonds was among many agents of the Hebbleskins, and was promoted to the police chief. He was notable for not requiring brainwash hair dye nor an AI backvisor, for he voluntarily served Sgt. Luddin and Fantisk Hebbleskin.


Craterville was devised as a predecessor town to Gerosha in May of 2005, right as Test Gerosha gave way to Gerosha Prime for development purposes. Little was genuinely known by the Dozerfleet founder at the time about the actual geography of southern Indiana, or that Boonville was a real town that fit the narrative's needs more-or-less. Instead, Craterville was entirely thought up on the spot when a bad town needed to be named for the rising good town to replace. Both limited hardware resources and the Dozerfleet founder's own at-the-time limited experience with The Sims 2 restrained what all could be done with bringing Craterville to life, resulting in a lot of scenes with very few props and little action.

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