Cormorant Entertainment is the working name that Dozerfleet Productions operated under from August of 1997 until May of 2006. It was a more productive era than the Flamingo one in the number of materials made for concepts, even if those concepts were later abandoned.


After the DF decided that the name "Flamingo Entertainment" sounded too cliché, the decision was made to choose a new bird as the "company" mascot. The bird that caught the most attention was the brown cormorant, which had an article in Microsoft Encarta '95 CD-ROM's directory.

That year in 1997, the Rainbow Creative Writing curriculum being used at Holy Trinity Lutheran School in Wyoming, MI had changed its name for second-year participants. First year still operated under "Rainbow," but the theme for second-year participants was "Pot-O'-Gold." The resulting "Pot-O'-Gold" class required participants to operate under pen names that had something to do with a mineral. The DF's pen name was "Cormorant Bronze."


Not long afterward, a new logo was designed to determine what would make a good company logo for "Cormorant Entertainment." The original logo was a parody of a Willy Wonka logo for Wonka candies.

The logo got a slight revision every single year following, right up until it was replaced with Dozerfleet Productions in May of 2006.

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