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A parody of Orange is the New Black, "Daya" finds herself trapped in Camelorum due to the Percolation, and it's up to the Camelorum crew to keep her from panicking even while the Cheshire Pig pesters her. Upon returning to her own dimension, however, "Daya" finds herself next to Gwen Indot, who confuses everyone at "Litchfield" with her story about being bad luck to ferrets.

Later, Carly and Jenny Jane get sent to there by the Percolation. They attempt to save "Tricia," but only succeed in turning "George" into a "Sith lord"; while they also cause bicycle training wheels to rain from the sky. The girls are then sent to a 1980s dimension, where they meet Belf. They dig for clues about Carly's past based on analogs and a Fretter store. However, they get sent back to Camelorum before they can completely solve the mystery. A Belf clone arrives in Camelorum with them.

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Camelorum Adventures episodes
Season 1
1. The Apex

2. Frat Foul

3. Fountain of Enlightenment

4. Armed and Citrus, Part 1

5. Armed and Citrus, Part 2

6. Twisted Noodle

7. Demolition

8. Hungry Dollhouse Plumber

  9. Dianne Tofandyu

10. The Bigger Circus

11. Sock Her Games

12. Flipping the Town

13. Don't Eat Your Friends

14. Attack of the Temps, Part 1

15. Attack of the Temps, Part 2

16. Cagegiggles, Part 1

17. Cagegiggles, Part 2

18. Bob's Gone Wild

19. Confusion of the Oranges, Part 1

20. Confusion of the Oranges, Part 2

21. Hoarse in the Barnes

22. Black Cherry Ops

23. Camelry, Conjoin, Part 1

24. Camelry, Conjoin, Part 2

Season 2
1. The Price of Fame

2. Long Live Fireworks

3. 17 and Amphibious, Part 1

4. 17 and Amphibious, Part 2

5. Clowns and Hobos

6. Beyond Scared Strange

7. Llama Drama

8. Frog's Rules

  9. Bear With Him on That

10. Enter Xironooti

11. Sandbag Suckers

12. Anita Needs a Whole Lot

13. Limer, Limer

14. Gnat, Natch

15. Pocket 5

16. Make it Weird

17. Joy to the Cell Block

18. A Ferret in the Hand

19. Mapjacks

20. Rampage of Utkitroll, Part 1

21. Rampage of Utkitroll, Part 2

Season 3
1. Shifting Dynamics

2. What Paradox?

3. Halfway

4. Dearly Deported

5. Learn Your Shakesbear

6. Reptile Disruption

7. Luin, Deconstructed

8. Enter the Pink Dodo

  9. Lightning Hobo: Friendly Competition, Part 1

10. Lightning Hobo: Friendly Competition, Part 2

11. Per Review of Purview

12. Sacrifice and Discovery

13. Fall of M.O.D.M.

14. Percolation Warriors, Part 1

15. Percolation Warriors, Part 2

16. Percolation Warriors, Part 3

17. Percolation Warriors, Part 4

18. Percolation Warriors, Part 5

19. Aftermath

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