"Cloudy With a Chance of Diversity Dogma" is an episode of Ferris State Live produced by the spring 2010 TVPR 499 class at Ferris State University. Produced on April 12th and aired on April 16th of 2010, it is the twelfth show of the spring semester of 2010 and the 25th episode of the 2009-2010 season overall.


The Blasted Big Event

Sandra Winchell came on to talk about that year's plans for the Big Event, introducing herself by stating the obvious. Leah informed viewers that Sandra was in charge of the housing evaluation committee. In as fluffy of language as possible and using the Big Event's favorite buzzword of "community" four times one right after another; and Sandra muttering eight "uhms" along the way; the two ladies discussed how any house within Big Rapids is potentially eligible for having a bunch of students show up and rake the yard.

Leah brought up a time when a 90-year-old woman had her yard raked, only to reveal that she'd graduated from the school ages ago. Sandra replied that a similar old woman commented on how her husband had been an officer at Ferris, and later in Detroit. The continued to use buzzwords to promote, before finally wrapping up. Leah promised to see Sandra over the weekend, then ended segment one.

Diversity Schmersity

"You know a lot of great things are happening on campus..." came Leah's familiar greeting as segment 2 opened. Dr. David Pilgrim was the guest this time, which meant it was that time of year (other than MLK Week) for FSL to discuss...DIVERSITY!

Pilgrim commented on the "great progress" being made, being certain to emphasize that it was "acutally SUPERIOR" progress to Leah before elaborating more. In a roundabout way, he remarked that most campuses in 2010 were becoming more white, whereas Ferris was becoming less so. He thanks "adult packages" for reversing the trend. He went on to say that one goal of his program is to make classrooms more accessible to non-white students, at which point the success of these programs can be best demonstrated by the sheer number of students who cannot recall what was so "inaccessible" about those classes to begin with. He then went on to argue that the school would also prefer a not-quite-as-vanilla workforce, difficult to arrange in the late spring as that is a time of year the campus is not particularly hiring. Plus, Big Rapids is over 90% white to begin with, making it that much harder to produce a workforce that looks like a Chinese checkerboard. He claims that the campus is "not what it was three years ago," though most probably would not have noticed a difference between the 2010 campus and the 2007 campus other than for the fact that the 2010 campus had a much more impressive Rock Cafe to eat at with a Dining Services staff that was a tiny fraction bit nicer to its employees.

Scott attempted to save the discussion by pointing out that the 2010 campus was a friendlier place than the 1990 campus. For anyone in the audience that still remembers 1990. Pilgrim then complains that there isn't enough "energy of debate" at Ferris like at other colleges. (Part of that is because most debate energy stems from political and philosophical debate in the dorms, where disagreeing with the wrong crowd in the lobby can lead to an unhealthy confrontation depending on what is being debated. Very little if anything comes from where someone was born or to whom.)

Leah then burst in to talk about the International Festival that happened not long before, with some footage shown of Hmong students doing the dance they do every year on campus. After the plug, Pilgrim claimed that he and his colleagues want students "to succeed," instead of to merely enroll. Which resulted in a "Tips Office" being created. He also mentioned that the school began placing emphasis on making students who were orphans and/or grew up in the foster care program feel at home on campus. He then went on to point out that it's the same thing with international students: he wants them to feel "at home" on campus.

Nice weather we're having?

Scott began this segment by asking three times if the campus was having nice weather, worded different ways. Sandy took the opportunity to immediately jump in and announce that the Michigan Energy Conference was in town that week. After some talk about the conference, Sandy went on to say that "we can make a difference very day; if we only apply a 'green' mindset to everyday living." Whatever that means.

Changing topics, Sandy brought up the track teams. He stated that they were doing "pretty well" for teams that had unseasonably warm temperatures to deal with. However, it was a "pleasant break" from the "frigid Arctic" temperatures that had been on campus a short while before that. Later, Scott and Sandy pondered the tennis team's fate. They'd beaten Wayne State, but lost to Northwood before that.

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