Chris Wilson is an entertainer, originally from Hinesville, GA, as well as the founder of Star Power Marketing and Entertainment. He also has a history as a football player, and was on the Ferris State football team. He is most prominently known on the Dozerfleet Web Network for his history portraying Chris Kennal in the Dozerfleet Studios and Ferris Access Channel mini-series version of Blood Over Water.

Personal lifeEdit

Chris was raised in Hinnesville, GA, but went to Ferris State both to play football and to learn TV production. In 2009, his firstborn daughter arrived around mid-September. Several episodes of his Chasing the Dream documentary mention that his mother and step-sister were a huge part of his support network, and has commented that paternity has motivated him to strive for excellence.[1]



Upon entering Ferris, Chris joined the football team. He grew as a player, becoming one of the most popular figures in the program at the time of his tenure. A special on his work in the football program, and on his life in general, became the subject of an ongoing documentary titled Chris Wilson Chasing the Dream, designed to inspire future students to pursue a similar life in the football program. The show alternates between talking about his football life, academic pursuits, and parenting.


In addition to his self-titled documentary, Chris has displayed acting and directing talents elsewhere. This earned him a position at Power Star Marketing in Atlanta. Before that, he was the director of Blood Over Water. He also got to star in it as Chris Kennal. In 2015, Chris also acquired a position at VH1 and BET.

Role in Blood Over WaterEdit

He showed very little interest in the beginning in the first major series premise pitched in class: Mackley's Wardrobe. However, he was quick to jump on board with Cassie Tilne's The Widower and the Conspiracy, which was then re-worked as "The Widow and the Conspiracy before being reworked yet again as The Twin Conspiracy. He was initially to play a laid-back sports announcer named Larry Wallace in Kozerlen, but opted instead to play a criminal version of himself.

It was Chris who first suggested referring to the twins and "Twin M" and "Twin A" for Missing and Alive. It was also Chris' idea that Zach should be cast as both of the twins. From there, the twins were renamed Mike and Alvin Monaco. Chris didn't like that set of names, resulting in the twins being renamed Mark and Aaron Stefflin. While Angelina was assigned in TV Practicum class to be the primary scriptwriter, Chris soon oversaw 95% of creative decisions during focus group meetings. Chris was also the primary party vetoing name suggestions for the class project. He rejected The Twin Conspiracy, then rejected it being renamed twice to Mountain of Cabal and Bogged. He finally settled on agreeing with the class to call it Blood Over Water.

His portrayal of Chris Kennal was of a man who was cowardly, two-faced, but still had a heart. Plans initially were to have him be paged by Clyde Spendelworth while outdoors, then walk away like nothing happened. Class instructor Nathan Meadows took issue with that, especially when Part 4 had Zach claiming that Aaron and Mark treated Chris "like family." Up until that line was delivered, there was no evidence to support the claim. Also, the lack of "brotherly" chemistry between Chris and Zach in Part 2 seemed to contradict the notion further. Chris' entirely self-centered approach to fleeing the law at the end of Part 5 further suggested that there wasn't any real chemistry. Rather than re-shoot Part 4, as that was the most difficult episode to shoot, the class elected to re-shoot the beginning and end of Part 5. Also, the meeting scene in Part 2 was re-shot to make Chris and Zach appear as more close than they looked in the beginning.

Chris made his disapproval very much known of the Part 2 re-shoots, claiming that all the added hugging "looked too gay." Nathan countered that the original made Chris "look too cold-blooded." As a courtesy, later Dozerfleet Studios edits removed the actual greeting hug. Most of the rest of Part 2's re-shoot, however, was kept in to maintain the "brotherly" aspect, thereby maintaining Chris' humanity without adding unnecessary "ho-yay."

Several times, Chris stated that he wanted viewers to be surprised by the revelation that his character was a bad guy. However, the re-shoots for Part 2 dropped not-so-subtle hints at that very thing.

Novelizations / graphic novelsEdit

Chris has yet to state whether or not he would resume his role as Chris Kennal / Purge-Flare for the greater universe in Blood Over Water: The Novel, Ciem: Inferno, and Sodality.

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  1. "Fatherhood" (episode). Chris Wilson Chasing the Dream. Ferris State Video. September 10th, 2010.

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