Cassie Tilne is a video editor for AKA Media, and a former event assistant for the Michael Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation. She has also worked as a tour guide for Chicago's First Lady, both based in the greater Chicago area.[1] An alumna of Ferris State University, she is best known for her role as Monica Shelly in the Dozerfleet Studios and Ferris Access Channel mini-series Blood Over Water. While the links explain that she technically isn't really in possession of the last name of Tilne, she has that surname on this wiki due to an agreement made in 2009.

Personal life

Cassie spent most of her early life in the area around Laingsburg, Michigan. She graduated from Laingsburg High School in June of 2007,[2] then selected Ferris State as a place to go to college in the fall. She was immediately drawn to the TV production program, but also worked jobs around campus. Cassie was one of six to enter section 002 of TVPR 318 in the fall of 2009, making her part of the TV Practicum class that would create Blood Over Water. In February of 2010, she got a job as a videographer and editor for the SpringHill Camps Ministry in Evart. She held that post until late August, when she got a job working at Ferris for The Torch newspaper. Her job at The Torch lasted from September of 2010 until December of 2010, just in time for her to prepare for senior sequence.

In May of 2011, Cassie left Ferris behind. She managed to find work for her internship at Big Shoulders Digital Video, doing small amounts of production assistant work for them while also working on Ferris State Live and Ferris in Focus. From May of 2011 until August of 2012, she worked almost exclusively for Big Shoulders in their base in Chicago, prompting her to move to the Chicago area.


During her time at Big Shoulders, Cassie acquired a secondary job at Zacuto, where she worked as an assistant editor & assembler in January of 2012.[3] She gained a third job as an event assistant at the Michael Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation in April of 2012. She had acquired a fourth in August of 2011 during her tenure at Big Shoulders, becoming a tour guide for Chicago's First Lady. Even after leaving Big Shoulders, she stayed on at Zacuto until December of 2012. She alternated her time between her two remaining jobs: Chicago's First Lady and Michael Rolfe. She would eventually find full time work at AKA Media.

Skills and experience

Cassie has acquired numerous years' worth of experience in Final Cut, Avid, Photoshop, and After Effects.[4] In her own words, she has had the fortune of working with Frontgate Magazine, TedX DePaul, McDonald’s, Just For Laughs Comedy Festival for TBS, Millionaire Matchmaker on BRAVO, The Doctors on CBS, and Yard Crashers on DIY.[5]

TV practicum

After the class ultimately decided against Mackley's Wardrobe as a series to pursue, Cassie was the one to first suggest doing a mystical mystery about a missing housewife. The Widower and the Conspiracy became a huge inspiration behind the Dozerfleet Literature-proposed series Kozerlen, which switched the gender roles around and made Cassie the heroine Jessie Morcin. When Cassie revealed she was not comfortable being the angsty protagonist, Chris Wilson decided to seize the creative reins for himself. He was amused by the idea of Zach playing a "George" character in Mackley's Wardrobe, and also with Corvin the Caller's mouth effect; deciding to find ways of incorporating both into the production of what would become Blood Over Water.

Cassie, out of the limelight, retreated into the background. She became the primary camera operator, with Angelina McClane becoming the backup for camera. She also became the primary lighting director, sharing that role with the Dozerfleet founder. In terms of editing, her Final Cut skills ensured she became the secondary editor, along with the Dozerfleet founder and Kyle. As the plots progressed for parts 3 and 4, she was forced to get in front of a camera, and assume the role of Monica Shelly. Part of the reason for Monica's short-lived onscreen presence was that Cassie's performance as the character made very clear to those watching how reluctant she was to be in an acting position in the first place. It is for this reason that only Angelina has fewer usable shots for production still purposes.

Blood Over Water expanded universe

Cassie has yet to indicate her position on the Blood Over Water novel. She also has yet to confirm if she'd be comfortable lending her likeness to any future depictions of Monica.


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