Carla Rintel is the main protagonist of the canceled novella The Natural Logarithm, which is the third part of the Meshalutian Trilogy, part of the Gerosha Chronicles of Dozerfleet Comics.

Character bio

A surge of bizarre electrical activity and sudden sightings of natural logarithm graphs across Boston alerts those familiar with the legend that Meshaluta is back. Her order of hags begins to convene, and rumors in town are that they mean to raise her from the dead. The hags begin causing mischief across town, but the dream-bearer Carla finds herself the only Massachusetts Rintel left who is not captured. To save her family, she teams up with a classmate in high school named Kaleigh to recover her family and destroy Meshaluta's power. The two of them get some surprise help from twice-survivor of Meshaluta Cassie Manning-Lorgan.


Very little development was done on Carla. All that is certain about her is that she was to have a mellow personality compared to the extremes of her cousins. She was to be very duty-driven and be the most on-the-ball and knowledgeable about Meshaluta and the legend. That she must begrudgingly join forces with Kaliegh and Cassie to get her family back was about as far as development on her got. Further development of her and the story was to happen in 2006, as 2005 was initially to be about completing Cursed is the Ground. All this was canceled when, after the Dozerfleet founder acquired a copy of The Sims 2, work on the Meshalutian Trilogy ceased in favor of The Battle for Gerosha and the Ciem webcomic trilogy.

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