Nonpriel, rendered from original model.


Nonpriel's Mantithian form

Captain Nonpriel Sarklin is a red Up-Pen in the Stationery Voyagers universe. He is a fleet admiral over the Red Fleet, and a captain over the Byzerum.


Nonpriel has always had it rough. He tries to do good things, and they blow up in his face. He tries to do bad things; and he becomes a laughingstock amongst the forces of evil. He once tried to join la-Qualda, knowing they worked for Neothodian bosses the Yehtzig Pirate League; only because his own original country of Stato on Statios gave him nothing but crap. However, la-Qualda nearly killed him for suggesting that he could be worthy of their ranks. He finally betrayed both Stato and la-Qualda by joining the RMM, and giving away sensitive locations of both. Yet, both moved those locations before significant damage could be done.

Nevertheless, he was able to schmooze his way up the ranks, until he became an admiral. Almost as soon as he did, all the truly competent men in his unit either applied for honorable discharge or else were transferred out. Alhox and Bluque agreed that they needed to send someone to monitor the Voyagers that would not capture them too early in their quest. Therefore, they needed the most incompetent man in their number to "capture" them. They bestowed the rank of Voyager hunting on Nonpriel; but neglected to inform him of the real reason he was chosen.

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