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Candice Marie Flippo-Levens-McArthur

Name at birth Candice Marie Flippo
Date of birth September 9th, 1999
Birthplace St. Mary's Warrick Hospital
Ethnicity Indo-Persian Mulatto
Education Forensic Investigation, BS
Alma mater Viron University
Occupation CSI
Years active 3
(This box relates to three years after the evens of Condemnation and Ciem 3)
Height 5'4"
Weight 119 lbs.
Spouse(s) Denny Levens (deceased)
Donte McArthur
Children Angie Levens (deceased)
Charlie McArthur
Frank McArthur
(has two more children later)
Parents Stan Flippo
Shalia Flippo
Notable family Reily Flippo
Erin Flippo
Miriam Flippo
Marina Baret

The following is a look at Candi in terms of her family structure and details about her family life.


Candi attended elementary school at Gerosha Elementary, save for a year where she had to skip the first grade and re-take it because her family was in hiding during a Meethlite raid. This explains why she was going on 20 when she graduated from Gerosha High School, in spite her reasonably high intellect. She attended college at Viron University and received a degree in forensic investigation with a special talent certification for criminal profiling.


From grandparents

Candi's maternal grandfather, Dwayne Lloyd was Black. Her maternal grandmother, Marissa Hood, was part Indo-Persian and part Black. Her paternal grandmother, Alison Ligash-Flippo, was Caucasian. Alison was of some Czech and Irish descent but mostly German and French. Candi's paternal grandfather, Steve McNolan, was Caucasian, mostly German and English, but with some Dutch. Her step-grandfather, Tobey Flippo, was Caucasian, almost pure English with some German. The DNA donor that gave Candi all her superpowers, known to her only as "Grandma Centipede," was a Phaelite-mutated species that was modeled after the Michigan Garden Centipede.

From parents

Her father, Stan Flippo, was pure Caucasian. Her mother, Shalia Flippo, was Indo-Persian Black.


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Candi and Denny elope. Only Rev. Wilbur Brocklyn and Jessie Levens attended the couple's wedding. Their honeymoon was to Milwaukee, where they got to meet up with an old friend of Denny's from Denny's bootlegging days. The friend even allows the two access to his waterbed on the second floor of his duplex.

Candi and Donte marry ceremoniously inside a church in Vacaville. Their reception was in a nearby town in an Italian diner. It was a double-wedding wherein which her sister Miriam got married to Steve McLaine. Guests present at this wedding included Jessie Levens, Matthew Baret, Marina Baret, and Andy Baret. Khumar, Lindsay, Dolly, and Jeraime were also present.

Eric and Patti Levens, unlike Jessie, believed that Angie and Denny's deaths freed them from having any responsibility for Candi; so they refused to show up for the wedding. Reily and Ashlee were touring in Europe at the time, and didn't feel they could pull themselves away from Reily's cooking show. Donte's mother, Betty, secretly harbored Hebbleskin Gang sympathies; leading her to hate Candi and refuse to leave her nursing home for her son's wedding. She is also slow to forgive Candi for seducing Donte. Other characters declined to show up as well.

In Classic Gerosha, Tom declines to show up for the wedding because of issues protecting his girlfriend. Mike and Jeff have written Candi off and don't care. These characters don't exist in

Comprehensive Gerosha, and therefore do not pose a concern.



Parental Mentors




Nephews and Nieces

Classic Gerosha and earlier

  • Karen Flippo (niece, through Mike)
  • Jordan Flippo (nephew, through Mike)
  • George Flippo (nephew, through Jeff)
  • Christine Flippo (niece, through Jeff)
  • Carlos Sterbin (nephew, through Tom)
  • Henry Malestrom (half-nephew, through Candi's marriage to Donte and resultant half-sibling Khumar, who is married to Lindsay Hamilton the sister of Dolly Malestrom, the aunt of Henry Malestrom. Classic

Gerosha only.)


Grandnephews and Grandnieces


Silo Wade (half-grandnephew, through Lex Philippine and Mallorie Wade)


Classic Gerosha

  • Jenny Flippo (sister-in-law, through Mike)
  • Sandra Flippo (sister-in-law, through Jeff)
  • Jenny Sterbin-Flippo (sister-in-law, through Tom)

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